Zombies Faction Infopic 3

Zombies are undead brain sucking soulless "living impaired" humans exclusive to The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned. Originally the inhabitants of Jakobs corporation's operation on Pandora at Jakobs Cove. After a terrible outbreak, 97% of the population have been killed or turned into zombies. The plague has affected not just the town's inhabitants but many of the bandits in the area as well.

Zombies come in many shapes and sizes although they are all human-like in appearance. They also have greenish-grey skin colors, and blackened eye sockets.

General Strategy

Most zombies are mindless, attacking with little regard to self-preservation. They are extraordinarily vulnerable to critical hits against their head. They are susceptible to Incendiary and Explosive attacks, but resist Corrosive attacks, taking no damage at all from any corrosive damage over time or area elemental effect. Shock is not especially effective against their unshielded flesh, and indeed heals a couple of powerful varieties.

Because zombies move so slowly and predictably and because they are weak to fire, it is not difficult to ignite an entire horde and watch the fire consume them before they become a threat.

All zombies have three attacks; a bite attack, a melee attack and a 'spit' attack. The spit attack does little to no damage but it interferes with player visibility and slows movement. All zombie varieties (normal, torso, lance, etc...) are capable of spitting at a range for minor damage as well as slowing their target's movement. This ability appears to be more common among higher level mobs.

Zombie Types

Zombies come in a variety of types, each of which dictates their combat abilities. All zombies will drop a zombie brain if killed by a shot in the head. Most minor zombies can be knocked down or stunned with a melee attack.

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