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Helmet data rec0rding[]

Poor Shmuck: "What the hell ARE you?"

Zer0: "Why do you retreat? / Face your end honorably. / Make me work for it."

Poor Shmuck: "Who sent you? His sister? His kids? Whatever they're offering, I'll quintuple it!"

Zer0: "This is punishment / His murder will be avenged / And I will be paid."

Poor Shmuck: "For god's sake, what do you want? Just TELL me what you want!"

Zer0: "For you to fight back. / Bandits like you are easy --"

Poor Shmuck: "What the hell ARE you?"

Zer0: "...I want a challenge."

Sawtooth Cauldron[]

Recording 1

Handsome Jack: "Talk to me Angel. I need a Vault Hunter, and I need 'em yesterday."

Angel: "I've found someone with great potential. His name is Zero. Or at least, he's called that. No one knows his real name, and --"

Handsome Jack: "-- No! No, no, no -- next! I hate those 'mysterious warrior' types. Nine times out of ten, there's nothing ACTUALLY special about them. Who else you got--"

Angel: "-- Playing Zero surveillance footage."

Recording begins.

Bandit: "Slag you, freak!"

Bandit: "URK--"

Zer0: "Leaves falling from trees / Snow drifting onto the ground / Life leaving your corpse."

Recording ends.

Handsome Jack: "...Did that guy just speak in Haiku?"

Recording 2

Handsome Jack: "So what's this Zero guy doing on Pandora in the first place?"

Angel: "I dunno."

Handsome Jack: "Angel, you've got a brain the size of a planet. Don't give me 'I dunno.'"

Angel: "From what footage we have of him, I can't even tell if Zero's human or not."

Handsome Jack: "W-w-what do you mean, not human? Is he a robot? An alien? What?"

Angel: "I dunno."

Recording 3

Angel: "Evidently, Zero has been on Pandora for a few weeks. I have satellite footage of him... conversing with the locals."

Handsome Jack: "Roll it, Angel."

Recording begins.

Zeke: "Hohohoho – look at this freak!"

Bartender: "Shaddap, Zeke. Whaddaya want – ninja... guy?"

Zer0: "I desire a challenge."

Zeke: "Pahaha – by the way your fruity ass talks it sounds like you're PLENTY challenged! Ha!"

Bartender: "Can it, Zeke! Sorry – I swear, it's impossible to keep that boy's mouth shut."

Zer0: "You would consider it a challenge, then?"

Bartender: "Uh, I guess –"


Recording 4

Bartender: "HOLY SKAGSUCK, you decaptitated Zeke! Why - why's your helmet say 'zero'?"

Zer0: "He was no challenge. / My skills have not been tested. / I need something more."

Bartender: "Uhm, uh - the - there are some pretty dangerous bandit clans --"

Zer0: "No."

Bartender: "The creatures around here are --"

Zer0: "No."

Bartender: "Uhm, the, uh... the Vault?"

Zer0: "...Go on."

Bartender: "Uh, alien power, lots of danger - a real challenge! Huge challenge!"

Zer0: "This is intriguing. / The Vault, my masterpiece? / Challenge accepted."

Recording ends.

Handsome Jack: "Well, when you're right, you're right, Angel. I think this Zero guy will do nicely."