Zappinator is the title of a group of unique aftermarket lasers with the Tediore barrel manufactured exclusively by Dahl. They are only obtainable as a temporary mission items during the missions Zapped 1.0, Zapped 2.0, and Zapped 3.0.

Special Weapon Effect

Puts the Zap in your cap. – Fixed parts, with element capacitor based on the current "Zapped" quest; spawns as Incendiary, then Cryo, then Corrosive.

Fires three lasers in a spread at the cost 3 ammo per shot. Burst-fires three consecutive shots when zoomed-in. Laser beams penetrate targets. No movement speed penalty while aiming down the sights.

Usage & Description

The Zappinator is a fairly standard Dahl Splitter, apart from the lack of a movement penalty when aiming down the sight. As a quest-specific weapon, it is to be used as a main combat weapon during the "Zapped" questline, and is meant to introduce players to Splitter lasers and element usage.

Due to its alternating firing pattern, fairly large spread and clunky iron sight, the Zappinator is only effective as a close-range weapon where the targets can be caught in the energy spread. Even then, not all rounds will land hits even if fired at large targets, and the high ammunition consumption from burst-firing makes the Zappinator ironically more effective when aimed from the hip.


  • Always spawns with fixed parts and with a circular iron scope.
  • Within the game files, there is profile for the 4th member of this group - the Catalyzing Zappinator. This weapon has different body (Dahl 4) and material (Dahl_3_Zap4), shock capacitor, and is of blue rarity.
    • Ballance entry (Mission.Laser_Dahl_3_Zap4) suggests this was supposed to be mission weapon for a non-existing Zapped 4.0 mission. This weapon can not legitimately spawn in-game; however, Janey Springs makes reference of this at the end of Zapped 3.0, where she comments she'd have altered the Zappinator to fire shock lasers instead (had Mr. Torgue not blown it up).
  • Despite being a Unique weapon with red flavor text, the Zappinator is treated as a white-rarity weapon during the questline which relies on it.
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