Zapped 3.0 is an optional mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Help dispose of some malfunctioning bots with corrosive damage.



  • Corrode CL4P-TP units: 0/5
  • Take weapon to Springs
  • Head to coordinates
  • Pick up beacon
  • Place beacon
  • Place laser weapon
  • Head to vantage point
  • Watch explosion


After completion of Zapped 2.0, this mission becomes available from Janey Springs in Concordia. She has taken a delivery of five CL4P-TP units with malfunctioning main processors, and she wants them destroyed. The prototype Disintegrating Zappinator laser mission weapon, now upgraded to deal corrosive damage, is well suited for the job.

The claptraps are just outside the rear door of Janey's shop, on the catwalks, lower level and articulated arm in the open bay. Once the five claptraps are killed with the laser prototype, she asks the Vault Hunter to return to her, but Mr. Torgue interrupts with an offer of an explosive weapon for helping him on his mission to destroy all laser weapons. He then uploads a set of ECHO coordinates to follow.

Zapped 3a

Prototype laser being destroyed

The coordinates lead to an area of Serenity's Waste outside the entrance to Concordia, just over the broken bridges. Once there, he will deploy a homing beacon nearby that must be retrieved and placed near the end of the easternmost broken bridge. He will then direct that the laser prototype weapon be placed with the beacon.

After placing the beacon and weapon, the way-point leads to a nearby bluff across the gorge, accessed by the nearby jump pad. Once at the vantage point, a rocket ship crashes into the weapon, destroying it. The mission may then be turned in at the Concordia bounty board.


"No amount of elemental puns ever can do these lasers justice."

Turn In: Concordia bounty board


  • Text of Beacon item: Ping! Your download speed is 123456 km/h. Look out below.

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