Zapped 1.0 is an optional mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel given by weapon case in Triton Flats.

Test fire the laser weapon on some scavs.



  • Kill scavengers with laser weapon: 0/15
  • Ignite scavengers: 0/5 (optional)


This mission is obtained from a building on a cliff face in southwestern Triton Flats, close to the exit to Crisis Scar. Entering the building requires climbing a ladder guarded by a small number of scavs. A weapons case in the corner containing laser weapon parts begins the mission.

Upon accepting the mission, an incendiary laser weapon, Planetary Zappinator, will be placed in the Vault Hunter's inventory and three locations will be marked on the ECHO device. These locations are rich in both scavs and oxygen (the latter of which will be useful for completing the optional objective of lighting scavs on fire.)

Scavs killed in any area, not just Triton Flats, will count towards the objective. One strategy is to obtain this mission early on and complete it through kills made completing the Story Mission as there will be plenty of scavs to kill. If obtained early enough the mission can be completed in time to obtain Zapped 2.0 prior to reaching Let's Build a Robot Army, which has many tork infested areas, the next mission's objective.


"Woo! Lasers!"

Turn In: Janey Springs


  • However, that only kills made with the mission weapon will count towards completing this mission. On the other hand, different means can be employed to ignite scavs when attempting the optional objective.

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