Using Quick-Change Station

  • Can someone please appreciate this?
  • I'm far too humble to say how good I look right now.
  • How good do I look? Go on, don't hold back.
  • Looking charm, Zane boy!
  • Is anyone else seeing this? Mm mm MM!
  • Oh Zane, you're lookin' bad! But good-bad, not bad-bad.

Deploying Digi-Clone

  • Get'm!
  • Get the new guy! (Whispering) Idiots.
  • Decoy, deploy!
  • Hey there, good lookin'!
  • Damn you look good Zane boy!
  • Shoot'm!
  • Head games!
  • Now entering the clone zone!
  • That man is dangerous! Get him!
  • (sarcastically) He's the real thing, there!
  • I'm the fake! I'M THE FAKE!
  • That handsome devil was making eyes at your sister!
  • That dashing fook was making eyes at your sister!
  • (sarcastically) Look over the there, it's the real Zane!

Deploying SNTNL

  • Auto Pilot, Auto Violent!
  • Go Get’em Zoomer!
  • Find a Target Zoomer!

Deploying Barrier

  • Tossing barrier!
  • Try and get through this!
  • Personal space, need some personal space!
  • Don't you cross this line!
  • Should cover my ass for a bit.
  • Don't worry, you can still look at me!
  • Just a little something between me and your breath!

Hijacking vehicle

  • I need this more than you.
  • I'll be taking this, thank you!
  • I'm commandeering this vehicle. In other words, I'm stealing it.


  • You've got a death wish?
  • Better leave before you get hurt.
  • I'll kill ya!
  • Awwwwwww sh-

On kill

  • That was all me.
  • Death wish, granted.
  • They will be singing songs about that one!
  • Don't say I didn't warn ya!
  • You couldn't hit a cow's arse with a banjo.
  • Didn't anyone ever teach you how to fight?
  • Still got it!
  • Deadly!
  • That wasn't so hard now, was it?
  • Are you seeing this?! Open your bloody eyes!
  • I was made for this!
  • Ferocity is my middle name. Zane "Ferocity" Flynt.
  • "Deathbringer" is also my middle name.
  • Didn't anyone teach you how to fight?
  • Let's crack on!
  • I live for this!
  • C'mon c'mon c'mon!
  • This will be just for the craic.
  • End of the road for ya.
  • Death comes for us all, but you first!
  • You're all just a bushel of manky gits!
  • Tell the Reaper he owes me a fiver!

On consecutive kills

  • Bullets for you, bullets for you, everybody gets BULLETS!
  • I'm on fire! Not literally, in case that wasn't clear.
  • Anyone else got something for the meat grinder?

On Badass kill

  • The bigger they are, the more fun it is to shoot them in the friggin' face!

Hitting an enemy with a vehicle

  • Roadkill!

Destroying an enemy vehicle

  • My sister always loved a good explosion!
  • My brothers would be so proud!
  • Your parents ought to be ashamed of ya!
  • You're a sixer and a sausage short of a cook-out!

Going over a ramp while in a vehicle

  • This junker needs more boost!
  • Now that's how you drive!
  • Look, ma! No gravity!
  • Thought we'd go higher than that!

After reviving at a New-U

  • That didn't go according to plan... not that I had a plan.
  • It'll go better this time. Definitely maybe.
  • Mulligan!
  • Back and lookin' better than ever somehow.
  • I played Poker with the Devil. Anyway, I'm back, and now I can play the saxophone.

Taunts from COV Bandits

  • Come at me, poser!
  • Old man die!
  • Get the geezer!
  • Get the pretty boy!
  • Kill the elderly!
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