Using Quick-Change Station

  • Can someone please appreciate this?
  • I'm far too humble to say how good I look right now.
  • How good do I look? Go on, don't hold back.
  • Looking charm, Zane boy!
  • Is anyone else seeing this? Mm mm MM!
  • Didn't think I could look better. Wonders never cease.
  • Oh Zane, you're lookin' bad! But good-bad, not bad-bad.
  • How do I look? Just kiddin'! I know I look fantastic.
  • Only one thing to say about that: Hell yeah!
  • New trends, new look, new me.
  • Might as well do it with some style.

Leveling up

  • We're sucking diesel now!
  • Look out, world, I'm even better now.

Deploying Digi-Clone

  • Get'm!
  • Get that attractive bastard right there!
  • Get the new guy! (Whispering) Idiots.
  • Decoy, deploy!
  • That's a good-lookin' bullet sponge!
  • Hey there, good lookin'!
  • Hot DAMN, you look good Zane boy!
  • Go on! Be distractin', will ya?
  • Shoot'm!
  • Head games!
  • Pop it off!
  • Now entering the clone zone!
  • Choose wisely, suckers!
  • That man is dangerous! Get him!
  • Doublin' up!
  • (sarcastically) Look! It's the real Zane, there!
  • No! Not me, shoot him!
  • I'm the fake! I'M THE FAKE!
  • That dashing fook over there was making eyes at your sister!
  • Jealous the rest of ya get to see this all the time!
  • (malicious chuckling)

Deploying SNTNL

  • Auto Pilot, Auto Violent!
  • Go get’em Zoomer!
  • Off ye go!
  • You've got a job to do!
  • Do some work, drone!
  • Gimme an assist!
  • Fire at will, little bud!
  • Go on then!
  • Man about town!
  • Track someone down and pop 'em!
  • Find a target, Zoomer!
  • Out and about!
  • Go on, little bud!
  • Maybe I'll take a breather!
  • Take a look at me little friend!
  • Give'm what for!
  • Show me what you got, little bud!
  • Paint the town red! With blood! In case that wasn't clear.

Deploying Barrier

  • Tossing barrier!
  • Try and get through this!
  • Could use some cover!
  • Personal space, need some personal space!
  • Barrier!
  • See? I got tricks!
  • Don't you cross this line!
  • Time for a barrier!
  • Should cover my ass for a bit.
  • Nothin' like cover when you're gettin' shot at.
  • Don't worry, you can still look at me!
  • Try and get through this!
  • Just a little something between me and your breath!

Hijacking vehicle

  • I need this more than you.
  • I'll be taking this, thank you!
  • I'm commandeering this vehicle. By that, I mean I'm stealing it.
  • Look at me. I'm the driver now.


  • I'll kill ya!
  • Come on, come on, come on!
  • OUCH!

Health pickup

  • I'll go ahead and take that.
  • Not a pint, but it'll do.
  • Does a body good. My body, specifically.

Out of ammo

  • Empty!
  • Need a reload!
  • Swappin' ammo!
  • Out!
  • Bah! Need a new mag.
  • Just a tic!
  • Hang on, quick reload!
  • Mag swap!
  • Back in a jiffy!

Enemy approaching

  • Let's have a chat, shall we?
  • This will be just for the craic.
  • Better leave before you get hurt.
  • Itchin' for a fight.
  • You should back away.

On kill

  • Death wish, granted.
  • You couldn't hit a cow's arse with a banjo!
  • Didn't anyone teach you how to fight?
  • Still got it!
  • Hoo! Still got it.
  • Deadly!
  • That wasn't so hard now, was it?
  • Well, look at the state here!
  • This can't be how you saw this going.
  • I was made for this!
  • Brutal!
  • Let's crack on!
  • Did ya see that?
  • End of the road for ya.
  • Death comes for us all, but you first!
  • Don't say I didn't warn ya!
  • Take that ya ganky nob!
  • A new chapter in me saga!
  • Really turned the page! That was a thing once. Books.

On critical kill

  • Ferocity is my middle name. Zane "Ferocity" Flynt.
  • That was all me.
  • They will be singing songs about that one!
  • Brilliant!
  • Beautiful!
  • Gotcha.
  • Sharpshooter's my middle name! Zane "Sharpshooter" Flynt!

On consecutive kills

  • "Deathbringer" is also my middle name.
  • I'd call this a successful operation.
  • And bullets for you, and bullets for you, everybody gets BULLETS!
  • I'm on fire! But not literally.
  • Any more for the meat grinder?
  • Naught but a bushel of manky gits!
  • Are you seeing this?! Open your bloody eyes!
  • It's possible ya picked the wrong battle!
  • Trigger finger's gettin' tired over here!
  • I live for this!
  • Got more where that came from!
  • 86'd those pricks!
  • Your parents should be ashamed of ya!
  • (mad laughter)

Badass approaching

  • That there's a biggun.
  • There ya are, ya big ugly, ye!
  • You're going down, boyo.
  • Look at the size o' this one!
  • I'm looking for a good fight!
  • Get over here, you brute!
  • Well, you're a pint and a half, ain't ya?
  • Hey, badarse!
  • Friggin' biggun!

On Badass kill

  • The bigger they are, the more fun it is to shoot them in the friggin' face!
  • Tell the Reaper he owes me a fiver!
  • Only room for one to four badasses 'round here!
  • Aww, he thought he was tough!
  • Say hello to the Great Beyond for me!
  • Felled a biggun!
  • I'm too fast, and you're too dead. Ha!
  • R.I.P. your face!
  • What's black and blue and red and full of bullets? It's you.
  • Not lookin' so badass now, are ya?
  • How embarrassing for you!
  • Looks like you're in a bit of a state!
  • Aaand down ye go!
  • That was embarrasin' for you.
  • That's how you do it.
  • You really should have watched yourself!
  • Pay attention!
  • Are you even tryin'?
  • Talk about gobsmacked!
  • Someone was gonna send you on your way!
  • Embarrassing. Really!
  • That's skill for ya.
  • I'm in this for the fun of it, and THAT. WAS. FUN!

Hitting an enemy with a vehicle

  • Roadkill!
  • Whoa there, little doggie!
  • Didn't you hear the horn?! (whispering) I didn't hit the horn.
  • Out of the way! (whispering) Oops, too late.
  • Oops! (malicious chuckling)
  • Not looking too pretty down there!
  • You were supposed to get out the way!
  • Do we exchange info now, or...?
  • Learn to duck!

Destroying an enemy vehicle

  • My sister always loved a good explosion!
  • My brothers would be so proud!
  • Fireworks!
  • You're a sixer and a sausage short of a cook-out!

Vehicle damaged

  • We're smokin', and I'm not talking about the meat!
  • I'm about to start roastin' me chestnuts over here!
  • It's gonna blow!
  • I need to make a jump for it!
  • Should be thinkin' about bailin' out.
  • We're heatin' up here!

Going over a ramp while in a vehicle

  • This junker needs more boost!
  • Now that's how you drive!
  • Look, ma! No gravity!
  • Thought we'd go higher than that!
  • Woooooooooo!

On cripple

  • Shoe's untied, be back in a moment!
  • At least I'll leave a beautiful corpse.
  • Hurts every time...
  • All men die, but rare few die looking this fecking good.
  • Sing songs about me, or I'll haunt the crap out of you!
  • To be honest, I can't believe I survived this long.
  • If I die, take the credit. I've got three dozen bounties on me head.
  • Ya better write me a hell of a drinkin' song.
  • Hey Grim Reaper! I'm coming for ye, ya bastard!
  • Never again... for real this time.
  • There, Barnabas! Ya happy now?!
  • It doesn't hurt that badly...

While being revived by ally

  • C'mon Zane boy, up ye go!
  • Urgh! I'm good... I'm gettin' there...

Revived by ally

  • I mean, I had it covered... Okay, no I didn't.
  • Oh, I was just about to get up meself, but uh... Thanks.
  • I owe you a pint, boyo.

Reviving ally

  • Been savin' this one for you.
  • Drink up!
  • This one's for you.
  • One for you, and one for me.
  • Have one on me!

Ally revived

  • Ah, you'll be fine.

After reviving at a New-U

  • That wasn't according to plan... not that I had a plan.
  • It'll go better this time. Definitely maybe.
  • Mulligan!
  • Back and lookin' better than ever somehow.
  • I played Poker with the Devil. Anyway, I'm back, and now I can play the saxophone.
  • Rough night... Let's have another one!
  • Anyone up for some vengeance?
  • Just stopped back in town a bit for a pint.
  • Need to get back to the fight.
  • What was that...? Oh, right.
  • Just point me to the nearest bastard to shoot.
  • I'm missin' all the fun!

When idle

  • I'd rather be runnin' and gunnin'.
  • Oh god, I can't feel me arse! I CAN'T FEEL ME ARSE!!
  • Everybody needs a break sometimes, I guess.
  • What are we standing around for? There's lootin' and shootin' to do!
  • I look better in motion. Let's MOVE!
  • These boots were made for walkin'! Not for standin' around!
  • (humming and popping lips)
  • Aye! We gonna get movin' soon or what?

Buying upgrade

  • Feels like a good deal.
  • Carryin' a load here!
  • A fair go.
  • Good doin' business with ye!
  • That'll work.
  • Ready to go!
  • Locked and loaded.
  • More storage? Always a good thing.
  • Hey, thanks, boy-o.
  • More death in my pocket.

Falling from a great height

  • Coming in hot! Real hot!
  • Gangway!
  • On my waaaay!
  • Woooooooooo!
  • I can take it!
  • Drop the beeeeat!
  • I'm too (???) for this!
  • Goin' down!
  • Gravity ain't got shite on meeee!

Joining a game

  • Sorry I'm late! There was a thing with with a drunken spiderant and a princess and... Ahh, it's a whole thing! Let's get to it!
  • I'm here now! You're welcome!
  • Zane's here! Wish granted!
  • What? No applause? Do I have to do everything meself? (claps)
  • Oh, what a mighty Vault Hunter! Also, you're here.


  • General
    • Oy!
    • Ya see that?
    • Eyes up!
    • Pinnnnng~
    • Oy, over here!
    • Lookit!
    • Got somethin'!
    • Check this out.
    • That, there!
    • There!
  • Loot
    • Look at the shinies!
    • Let's go for that one!
    • Ya see that there?
    • Lookit, that one there.
    • Loot spotted!
    • Let's do some lootin'!
    • Loot's waitin' for us!
    • Oooooh, looooot!
    • Hoo boy! Loot!
  • Chest
    • Let's open that!
    • Spotted a chest!
    • Chest over there!
    • I wanna see what's in there!
    • Let's check that out!
    • Who wants to open that?
    • See what we've got over there?
    • Got a bead on a chest.
    • CHEST!!
    • Chesty chesty chestaroonie!
    • Someone's left a perfectly good chest out.
  • Friend
    • You there!
    • Hey! Friend!
    • Yo!
    • Hello-o-o!
    • Hmmmm...
    • You!
    • I see ya, friendo.
    • Gotcha!
  • Enemy
    • Enemy spotted!
    • Watch that one.
    • Get the bastard!
    • Look at that manky git!
    • Hostiles on the prowl!
    • Watch it!
    • There, hostile!
    • Looks like a baddie.
    • Should we get that one then?
    • Keep an eye on that brute.

Issuing a duel

  • Let's test the cut of your jiblets!
  • Let's have a nice clean fight... Ah, I'm just kidding! The dirtier, the better!
  • Come on, let's have a go!
  • Show me what ya got.
  • I wouldn't fight me if I was you.

Trying to break Eridium

  • Couldn't even dent that thing!
  • Guess I'll come back later.
  • Seems pretty impenetrable.
  • Not breakin' through that.
  • Tough stuff right here.

Successfully breaking Eridium

  • Thinkin' I can crack it now.
  • Reveal your secrets!
  • Guess I'll give it a whack.
  • Time to break through.
  • Whatcha hidin'?

Examining Eridian writing

  • Oh good, nonsense.
  • Forgot to study my crazy-arse alien gibberish.
  • Think I missed this class in school.
  • What's with all this gobbeldygook?
  • This makin' sense to anyone else?

Examining trial pedestal

  • Hello? Anybody home?

Amara uses skill

  • Amara! Nice one!

FL4K uses skill

  • (unknown)

Moze summons Iron Bear

  • (unknown)

Taunts from COV Bandits

  • Come at me, poser!
  • Old man die!
  • Kill that old man!
  • Get the geezer!
  • I call the geezer!
  • Nice mustache, loser!
  • Get the pretty boy!
  • Hey! Pretty boy!
  • That pretty boy is mine!
  • Operative spotted!
  • Kill the elderly!
  • Come and get it blondie!
  • Over here, blondie!
  • Ah! Sorry, I was blinded by your hair.
  • Without your toys, you're nothing!
  • Ah, screw you blondie!
  • Your luck's run out, boy-o!
  • Your beard's ridiculous!
  • Hey, old man! Take on me!
  • Give this old man the chop!
  • Damn blondie, you lookin' good!
  • Look! It's the pretty boy!
  • (laughing) Look at your busted-ass face!
  • Hey blondie! Lookin' real good, I mean it! What product you using?

Taunts from Maliwan Troopers

  • I'll show you how a real man fights, blondie!
  • Hey old man, don't run from me!
  • Let's go a run without those gadgets!

Special quotes

  • (when landing on Promethea) Worst thing... that ever happened to me. -LET'S DO IT AGAIN!
  • (Upon defeating Troy Calypso) That was for Maya, you langer!
  • Upon defeating the Valkyrie Squad
    • Wish I could say that was the first time this week three angry ladies tried to throw me out.
    • Sorry, ladies! I'd love to stay, but I've got a job to do.
    • It was never gonna work, ladies! There were three of you and only two of me.
  • Upon defeating Wotan the Invincible
    • And there's the takedown! Time to get paid!
    • How's that for a takedown, ya angry metal end table!
    • Got a bit messy, but no one's payin' me for a clean takedown.
  • (When Introducing to Deathtrap 2.0) Attaboy, Deathtrap! Attaboy!

Unknown conditions

  • Oldest trick in the book! (Clone kill?)
  • A gadget for every occasion! (Barrier?)
  • A dose o' Zane will do ya a biggun!
  • Oh, hello there~ (Badass approach? Loot seen?)
  • Ooooh, that'll do ya!
  • Glad I kept some gadgets around! (Barrier?)
  • Haven't forgotten any tricks! (Barrier?)
  • Were you lookin' at that, the maggot? (Spoken too fast to understand)
  • Ye dropped somethin'. (Kill quote?)
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