Get In Line

Zane looks into retirement options.

Zane: And... gotcha! (gunshot)

Barnabus: Ghahaha! Zane, hrk... wait!

Zane: Barnabus, ya old bastard! Come to assassinate me, did ya? Under whose contract? No, wait—let's make it a game! Hyperion? No? The Obsidian Block? Pangolin? Hephaestus United? Maliwan? Am I getting closer, Barny? Hot or cold?

Barnabus: Okay... all of them. Ghgh... and... Cutlord Karuu.

Zane: Cutlord Karuu? Shite! Been years since I did a job for her!

Barnabus: Nghhh... I'm dying...

Zane: Ahhh, you'll be fine, Barns! If I don't shoot you again. Hahaha, shite! That was close, though. Ya almost got me!

Barnabus: Oh, you're just saying that.

Zane: No, I mean it. Honest! But now I'm thinkin' I might have to lay low for a little while. These last few years, I've always been looking over me shoulder. Can't even enjoy a pint.

Barnabus: Ngh... try... Pandora...

Zane: Pandora? Ha! You know, I think I shall. Why the hell not? Thanks, Barny! Been good catchin' up! If ya don't die, we'll grab a pint next time I'm in town.

Barnabus: That'd be... nice...

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