You Can Stop the Music is an optional mission in Claptastic Voyage given by Claptrap's Consciousness. It becomes available after END OF LINE is complete.



  • Go to infected location
  • Kill Teh Earworm
  • Kill Teh Earworm
  • Kill Teh Earworm
  • Pick up music file
  • Go to recycling bin
  • Place music
  • Empty recycling bin
  • Cancel emptying
  • Pick up musical remains


This mission is picked up outside the recycling bin in The Nexus, where Claptrap's Consciousness complains of having an annoying song stuck in his head. He pleads with the Vault Hunters to track it down and kill it, having manifested as a creature called Teh Earworm.

Teh Earworm is found in Cluster 99002 0V3RL00K, and must be beaten three times before it finally succumbs and drops a Music File. Taking this back to The Nexus, the Vault Hunters throw it into the recycling bin and activate it, but Claptrap's Consciousness is dismayed to learn that the file contained his entire music library, not just the offending song. The Vault Hunters successfully stop the deletion process at 99.9%, leaving only dubstep in the library.

The mission is then turned back in to Claptrap's Consciousness, who has already adjusted to the loss of his library, realizing that there's more memory available for dancing now.


Sooo, turns out you are the reason Claptrap only listens to dub-step. *slow clap*

Turn In: Claptrap's Consciousness


  • The following text are on the cards of Mission Items:
    • Music File: Claptrap's entire music collection, including the dreaded Earworm song.
    • Musical Remains: The sad and sorry remaining fragments of Claptrap's awesome music collection.


  • There is some deleted audio in the game's files of the Vault Hunters humming the earworm song.

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