Tiny Tina: Gah! Here I am about to throw a tea party and the guest of honor is MISSING! Do me a flava and lure our guest to the party or I'll eat your babies. His name's Flesh-Stick, by the by. The by.

(Vault Hunter heads over to the location and kills all the bandits found there. Flesh-Stick shows up ...)

Tiny Tina: There he is: Flesh-Stick, the guest of honor. You just lure him back to my abode, and I'll do the rest."

Tiny Tina: Seein' him makes me scared as crap and I don't -- remember -- whyyyy.

(If Flesh-Stick lose aggro and start going back to the camp ...)

Tiny Tina: Looks like Flesh-Stick stopped followin' yo fine ass. Best give him a poke so he'll start runnin' after yas again.

(If Flesh-Stick gets wounded ...)

Tiny Tina: Don't hurt our guest too much, bucko. Can't attend a tea party if you're dead!

(If Flesh-Stick gets wounded even more ...)

Tiny Tina: Flesh-Stick's lookin' pretty wounded, bra. Better lay off shootin' him.

(If Flesh-Stick gets killed ...)

Tiny Tina: AAAGH! I told you not to kill him! Blegh. It's okay. I still love you.

(Vault Hunter lures Flesh-Stick into Tiny Tina's workshop where he is zapped by a series of electric bolts from the ceiling.)

Tiny Tina: You're cordially invited, BITCH!

Tiny Tina: Good job, friendo. Flesh-Stick's gettin' sucked through the tunnels as we speak. Let's talk!

(Vault Hunter turns in the mission to Tiny Tina.)

Tiny Tina: Flesh-Stick's in the men's. Gettin' all pretty for the big occasion.

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