Tiny Tina: Oh, hey, sucka! I got some stuff fo' youuuu ta doooooo.

Tiny Tina: Sup, sucka? Got a very important tea party coming up, and my date is missing AND I AM NOT GOING STAG DON'T EVEN SUGGEST IT. His name is Sir Reginald Von Bartlesby, a local aristocrat and purveyor of the fine arts. I believe his mother has forbidden him from speaking with me. You will convince her to release him into my custody. Heheh.

(While the Vault Hunter is on his way to the location indicated on his ECHO ...)

Tiny Tina: Sir Reginald is only one of the many illustrious guests who will be attending my tea party. I have also invited Princess Fluffybutt, who has gazongas like you would not belieeeeve. You'll be roundin' her up lataz."

(Vault Hunter arrives to the location, Madame Von Bartlesby makes her appearance ...)

Tiny Tina: Please excuse Madame Von Bartlesby's disposition. She's Welsh.

(Vault Hunter kills Madame Von Bartlesby.)

Tiny Tina: Take that, you stuck up BIOTCH! Now go get Sir Reginald. We have so many things to discuss.

(Vault Hunter emancipates Sir Reginald.)

Tiny Tina: You got Sir Reginald! Now I just need you to find Princess Fluffybutt, and get me some scrap metal from the buzzards so you can make me a teapot. Just blow up some buzzards and pick up the flamey bits.

Tiny Tina: Oh, and feel free to get some crumpets on the way. Crumpets are cruuuunk.

(Vault Hunter picks up Princess Fluffybutt.)

Tiny Tina: You got Princess Fluffybutt? Oh man. This party is gonna be off the chizzo, for rizzo.

(Vault Hunter collects crumpets.)

Tiny Tina: Gonna eat so many goddamn crumpets. It's gonna be a crumpocalypse.

(Vault Hunter shoots down some buzzards and collects their parts.)

Tiny Tina: That's enough scrap metal to make a teapot! Shorty, you da best. You-da you-da best.

(Vault Hunter returns to Tina's workshop.)

Tiny Tina: Sup, boo. Please place the guests in their rrrrrespective seats.

(Vault Hunter places Sir Reginald into his seat.)

Tiny Tina: So good to see you, Sir Reginald! Let's gossip.

(Vault Hunter places Princess Fluffybutt into her seat.)

Tiny Tina: Fluffybutt, you are lookin' gooooood.

(Vault Hunter turns in the mission to Tiny Tina)

Tiny Tina: Now, to invite the guest of honor!

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