You Are Cordially Invited: Party Prep is an optional mission in Tundra Express.



  • Emancipate Sir Reginald
  • Rebuff Madame Von Bartlesby
  • Acquire buzzard parts: 0/3
  • Get Princess Fluffybutt
  • +Collect crumpets


The first step of the quest involves retrieving Sir Reginald, a tiny varkid in a glass jar from Skittering Mound. Sir Reginald is protected by Madame Von Bartlesby, a powerful varkid that can launch a volley of varkids. These "beetle bombs" can be deadly to exposed characters if not evaded. To further complicate the fight there are also a number of larval varkids in the area.

The adjacent Buzzard Academy is where the bonus objective of collecting crumpets and the main objective of collecting Buzzard parts are.

Princess Fluffybutt is a hand grenade dressed as a doll. This can be found outside a shack down the slope from the Three Horns connection and is protected only by a marauder.


"You've helped Tina get all the fixin's for her party. Now you've just gotta invite the guest of honor."

Mission Transcript

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