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For the mission in Borderlands, see You. Will. Die..
For the mission in Borderlands 2, see You. Will. Die. (Seriously.).

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You. Will. Die. (Over and Over.) is an optional mission in Director's Cut that becomes available from Claptrap. It pits the Vault Hunter against a new raid boss, Hemovorous the Invincible. Like the other Raid Bosses, the boss is repeatable after completing the mission once.




  • Collect the Free Eridium
  • Go to Darkthirst Dominion
  • Find Hemovorous the Invincible
  • Pay Eridium
  • Kill Hemovorous the Invincible

The mission is accepted on Sanctuary. Claptrap will have some free Eridium to use for the entrance in a nearby safe. After collecting it, go to Ascension Bluff and follow the marker to reach Darkthirst Dominion. Once inside, 500 Eridium has to be paid to open the door. If the character dies at any point during the boss fight, or leaves the area, the fee has to be paid again. Once inside the door, simply following the corridor to Hemovorous.

Hemovorous Part 1

Once in the arena, there will be four Varkids surrounding a red egg. Shooting the egg will spawn "Hemovorous Larva". It functions identically to a Varkid Larva, but has greatly increased health. Once it is defeated, it will enter a cocoon and become an adult (the egg cannot be harmed until Hemovorous hatches). Defeating this form will have it become a random elemental Badass Varkid next, and finally a Super-Badass Varkid.

While Hemovorous is not a huge threat in comparison to the second half of the fight, because of its increased health, Vault Hunters should take care to prepare for this fight by obtaining all relevant SDUs for the weapons used in the fight. Hemovorous has a particularly higher amount of health than other bosses including Takedown bosses such as Wotan or Scourge, and because of its numerous phases and constant assistance in the fight by varkids, ammunition can become a significant problem. During the first form and second form, incendiary damage is a quick option. The Badass Varkid should be dealt with using Cryo or Corrosive, and the Super Badass Varkid has two health bars, one armored and one red. Conserve ammunition and the ammunition boxes around the arena by using the necessary elements and by killing weaker varkids for easy pickups. Shock weapons are functionally unhelpful during this fight as no enemies present have shields.

Hemovorous Part 2 (Alone)

If playing on Normal mode with no Mayhem modifiers, this is when Hemovorous will spawn as "Hemovorous the Invincible". Hemovorous is gigantic in comparison to the other varkid, and moves quickly around the arena by tunneling. It is extremely important to watch one's footing and the attacks Hemovorous is using, as a number of Hemovorous' attacks can hit numerous times and deal large amounts of damage. During Phase 1, Hemovorous will focus in trying to tunnel under the Vault Hunter and send them skyward, or cut off their movement and deal damage by using an area-of-effect slam. Hemovorous has three main attacks in this mode. Its first attack is a form of ground slam where it smashes its abdomen against the ground and creates stone spikes that rush forward. This attack has two variants: one where Hemovorous attacks multiple times and aims at the Vault Hunter, and one where Hemovorous does it once and sends out numerous spikes in a fan pattern. It is easy to accidentally walk into the spikes and they can be difficult to jump over, so it is important to watch what attack Hemovorous is using.

The most dangerous of its attacks are the other two. One causes it to create numerous "Varkid Pupa" which are much smaller than a larva, but are airborne. They will fly at their target and explode once they either hit it or the floor/wall. They do not have homing, but are fired en-masse in about groups of twenty and can sometimes be fired in waves. Because of the small arena, it is imperative that the Vault Hunter knows their surroundings at all times to effectively avoid the pupa. Strafing around Hemovorous while putting as much distance as possible is one of the only effective ways to avoid the attack. Running away can also work if the pupa are flying low, but can also strike the Vault Hunter despite their stride. Running at Hemovorous or being too close can guarantee being struck by numerous Pupa in quick succession. A similar attack has Hemovorous firing varkid eggs that explode. These will be launched around the arena and not necessarily at the Vault Hunter, however, like the pupa, Hemovorous fires a large group of them over the course of a few seconds, and the explosions from the eggs have a decent splash.

During all of this, it is important to remember that the Varkid Larva will not stop spawning, so larva, adults, and badasses may be frequently present. Shock Badasses present the least risk unless the Vault Hunter is specifically focused on shield builds, and Cryo Badasses present the greatest threat and should be eliminated quickly. Being slowed down can ensure Hemovorous will not miss with its attacks, and the speed penalty will often be too slow to avoid the pupa attack. Regardless of how many varkid are present, they should be dealt with as needed and be saved either for second winds or entirely ignored. Hemovorous attacks so quickly and so frequently, and the varkid respawn so quickly, that killing the enemies around the arena can be a waste of time.

Once half of Hemovorous' armored health has been dropped, it will become immune to damage for a few seconds, sprout wings, and begin flying. During this phase it loses the ground slam and varkid egg attack, and focuses on approaching the Vault Hunter for melee attacks while firing large groups of varkid pupa. The difficulty of this phase is much easier than the first. Hemovorous flies much slower than it tunnels, and it is not occupying any room on the arena, giving the Vault Hunter much more room to maneuver. That said, Hemovorous will often fly to specific points of the room around the corners or the center, and it seems to pick its location based on where the Vault Hunter is moving to. Running in a dedicated circle is almost guaranteed suicide, and adjusting running paths is necessary based on where Hemovorous is moving too. While avoiding the pupa is much easier than before, being too close to Hemovorous can still make outrunning them almost impossible.

Once Hemovorous loses its armor, it will once again become invincible for a couple seconds before returning to the ground. For the most part, Hemovorous uses the same attack strategy from the first phase. The addition to this phase unlike the others is that Hemovorous will be constantly firing elemental pools around the arena. Hemovorous will use every element, often before using the pupa. This can cut off running routes or result in the Vault Hunter being hit with a cryo projectile, slowing them instantly. Because Hemovorous is the one creating these pools, there is no way to avoid them being created. During this phase, Hemovorous will also create larger waves of pupa, often firing groups back to back. In certain situations it can be statistically impossible to avoid them out of sheer volume and aim.

One important detail to remember is, while the pupa do not count as enemies in relation to kill skills, they do give second winds and have nearly no health. Any time a Vault Hunter goes down and a Varkid is not readily available to kill for a second wind, the pupa can provide them.

Cryo and Corrosive damage are best for both phase 1 and 2, while incendiary is best for phase 3.

Hemovorous Part 2 (Vermivorous)

If Mayhem mode is active or True Vault Hunter Mode is the difficulty, Vermivorous will spawn the moment Hemovorous the Invincible does. This greatly complicates the fight and makes survival much harder.

Vermivorous is smaller than Hemovorous, but has the same amount of health and attacks, and even uses the exact same phases including invincibility during transitions. The biggest issue with the fight is their bulk, and ammo can become a serious problem. Additionally, while corrosive damage is incredibly helpful for the armored phases, it deals greatly reduced damage to health in TVHM and in Mayhem, making it somewhat of a liability during phase 3 of both Varkid bosses. It is worth considering using a cryo weapon during the first two phases of both, or for ammunition to be saved on all other weapons until the corrosive weapon is empty.

Whether Hemovorous or Vermivorous should be the first target is entirely based on preference. Outside of size, their attacks are identical and provide the same level of threat, and both must be dealt with to finish the mission and end the fight. The only change from Hemovorous is that second winds are significantly easier thanks to the pupa, but may be much harder to get from the regular varkids due to their increased health. The Badass and Super-Badass Varkid around the arena can pose much larger of a threat, and Cryo Badasses should still be dealt with right away, but depending on what level of Mayhem is active, they make take far too much ammunition to deal with. Still, to end the fight, all varkids must be dead, including the minions. If a number of them managed to reach Super-Badass, it is possible to have a number of them to deal with even after the bosses are dead.

Once either Hemovorous or Vermivorous has been chosen as the main target, they should be focused on to eliminate that boss as quickly as possible. It can be helpful to get both to Phase 2, then solely focus all fire on one until it dies. The removal of both from the ground will stop some attacks, and will ensure a consistent flow of pupa if Second Winds are needed. Regardless, pay close attention at all times to both varkid bosses wherever they move to and wherever they go. Once one of them goes down, the fight is functionally identical to fighting the other alone save for the increased health.

If playing on Mayhem, it is best to avoid all modifiers that would otherwise increase damage, create elemental immunities, and decrease damage except for critical hits. Having one of the bosses spawn with either an immunity to corrosive/cryo or incendiary can complicate the fight greatly, and the varkids that spawn around the arena can also be immune and become just as frustrating.

Once the boss(es) have been dealt with, Claptrap immediately rewards the Vault Hunter for a job well done, and the mission is over. There is a single one-way fast travel on the other side of the locked Eridian door.


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  • The mission is completed when Hemovorous is killed and does not require turning it in to Claptrap.
  • Even though Hemovorous is the only one with a displayed health bar, the exit does not open nor does the mission end until all Varkids in the arena are dead, and they do not automatically die off when Hemovorous is killed.
  • Despite the arena in Ascension Bluff being created for Hemovorous, the mission uses a new arena and a new area.
    • The arena that exists in Ascension Bluff was used in promotional screenshots and video of the tests with Hemovorous, however after its official release, the door leading to the arena was given a transition, and the lower door leading out of the arena was blocked off by rocks, leaving the arena unused in the final game.
  • During the fight on True Vault Hunter Mode or with Mayhem Mode active, Vermivorous the Invincible will also spawn during the fight.