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You. Will. Die. is an optional mission in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx that becomes available on T-Bone Junction Bounty Board after Loot Larceny is complete.

It pits Vault Hunters against the game's raid boss, Crawmerax the Invincible.


"There is an ancient tale in these parts of a massive beast that used to roam the sea. This is way back when there was water and everything. The tales have been passed down from generation to generation. His name was Crawmerax. They said he was invincible. Why am I telling you all of this? Since you blew up that Lance depot there have been tremors in the Deep Fathoms. Some say that Crawmerax is out there. That you reawakened him from hibernation. It would be one hell of a story if it were true, and whoever killed him would become a legend!"



You. Will. Die.

Video walkthrough


Find Crawmerax. Kill him...if you can.
  • Kill Crawmerax


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"Holy crap. You did it? For real? I was just making up a story. I didn't think he was really out there."


  • Killing Crawmerax will also unlock the Vincible trophy/achievement.
  • This mission is not available until The Secret Armory of General Knoxx has been completed (in other words, had the credits roll).
  • If Crawmerax is killed during Playthrough 2 while You. Will. Die. is active, all subsequent enemies (DLC missions or not) will scale up to the maximum level of 69-72, rather than scale to lower level characters.