You've Got Moxxi: Roadblock is a story mission in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx given by Scooter.


"Now that you've got some wheels, head out to Moxxi's and find the informant who can help you deal with Atlas. The Crimson Lance has set up checkpoints along the highway to control travel in the region. You need to open the road in order to be able to reach Moxxi and find Athena."


You've Got Moxxi Roadblock

You've Got Moxxi Roadblock

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Clear the Crimson Lance roadblock.
  • Clear Roadblock


The purpose of this mission is to clear the first roadblock on the way to Moxxi's place.

On the sides of the highway there are pylon structures concealing Lance Probes. They will emerge and attack when vehicles pass nearby, and can either be fought or outrun. Given the Monster's armament of homing rockets it is usually easiest to simply destroy them at this early stage of the story. A cautious approach is to stop before a pylon and wait for a Lance Probe to emerge, then just hold the trigger to fire homing missiles. Four Probes will emerge, before a break preceding another wave, however the pause is not long enough to get out and pick up loot before more Probes emerge, so just keep going. New Lance Probes will only emerge when a vehicle is nearby, so their numbers can be greatly reduced by simply pressing on past and dumb-firing the homing missiles to get rid of the nearest threats.

If a vehicle's condition bar gets dangerously low it may be best to prepare to abandon it for a fresh ride. There are numerous Catch-A-Ride terminals along the road to help with this, but be prepared to make the switch quickly, as unprotected characters can be easily killed by a passing Lancer.

Lancers are usually passive opponents until they are shot at, at which point they react violently. They can usually be driven past and they won't attack.

The roadblock is deactivated from a console inside the sky bridge across the road. Various Crimson Lance soldiers will bar the way from the road to the console and will ambush usually singly, or in pairs, on the fight through the complex. Problem encounters can be dealt with by dropping back onto the road and using the homing rockets of a Monster to shoot up and over the walls.


"The roadblock is down. You should now be able to reach Moxxi."
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