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The Yellow Jacket is a unique E-tech submachine gun manufactured by Hyperion. The Yellow Jacket can be obtained as a rare drop from Jackenstein in the H.S.S. Terminus.

Special Weapon Effects

By the people. For the people. –  Always shock, increased damage, magazine size and projectile size. Projectiles accelerate and become invisible after a certain distance. Projectiles have a small blast radius. 

Usage & Description

The Yellow Jacket's mandatory shock accessory can deplete enemy shields in a matter of seconds and is most effective at close to medium range.


  • The Yellow Jacket is the only E-tech submachine gun that may spawn with a bladed attachment.
  • The Yellow Jacket deals an additional 70% splash damage, which is boosted by grenade damage bonuses. This is 20% higher than standard E-tech SMGs.


  • The Yellow Jacket was named by fans in a contest from Gamestop.
  • The Yellow Jacket's skin is very similar to the Hive and the Hornet, except the Yellow Jacket is blue, while the Hive and Hornet are yellow.
  • Gearbox said the following about the Yellow Jacket, in response to fans: "Now, you may notice that the gun isn't – how to put this – yellow. The reason for this is simple: the Hyperion designer who designed the weapon was violently colorblind. Worry not, though – after Hyperion management noticed this mistake, the designer was fired. Out of a cannon. Into a moon.
  • The Yellow Jacket's red text, "By The People, For the People" is a line from Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.