Written by the Victor is an optional mission in Borderlands 2 given by Information kiosk of the Living Legend Plaza. It becomes available after The Man Who Would Be Jack is complete.


"The Hyperion Hall of History gives out cash bonuses to anyone who sits through Handsome Jack's skewed version of Pandoran History."



  • Get a clear understanding: 0/5
  • Learn Jack's history
  • Learn vault history
  • Learn monster history
  • Learn Eridium history
  • Learn Hyperion's goal


There are five more kiosks around the Living Legend Plaza and each one represents one of the missions objectives. Each objective becomes available in historical sequence chronicling Jack's false history of his rise to power, and the subsequent objectives only become available once the previous one has finished playing.


"Having suffered through the collection of lies that was the Hyperion Hall of History, you earned a hefty cash reward."

Turn In: Hyperion Hall of History


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