Wrath of the Goddess is the final skill in Athena's Phalanx skill tree, which causes the Kinetic Aspis to hit up to five targets when thrown.


  • Aspis Damage is reduced by 33% each time it ricochets.

Rather than detonating and returning immediately, the Aspis rebounds off the first target it hits, and towards another valid target, if there are any nearby. Each rebound subtracts a third of the Aspis' current damage, however.

Unlike Bird of Prey, the same enemy can only be attacked once. The shield will automatically return when all nearby enemies have been attacked.

If the throw misses a target, the shield will rebound to an enemy as long as there are any around, and this will count as the second target with the Aspis' damage lowering as a result.

If the Clear! skill is taken, the aspis will impact downed allies as one of the five targets and continue onto enemies.

If the Zeus' Rage skill is taken, the Aspis will inflict area of effect damage upon each impact. In close quarters combat the entire area may be enveloped in elemental damage.

Acquisition of Wrath of the Goddess greatly increases the range the Aspis may travel before impacting a target.

Target 1 2 3 4 5
Aspis Damage 100% 66% 44% 29% 19%

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