Wraiths are the guardian enemies in Borderlands 3. First met during the Beneath the Meridian mission.


Wraiths are ranged type of Guardians met at the final section of Neon Arterial. As Guardians they are an energy based life forms so their health acts like a regular shield and recharges when not damaged long enough. On death may release a soul that will possess its nearby ally if not destroyed.



Wraith is a ranged attacker, with a melee capability, that uses its staff as primary weapon, both to fire bolts of energy and to hit in close quarters.


  • Shot – fires a series of bolts
  • Swing – slashes with its staff
  • Jump Smash – jumps and smashes the ground on impact
  • Spear Throw - may hurl its spear that creates small shock explosion on impact.
  • Grenade – occasionally hurls bouncing energetic grenade at the Vault Hunters.

Like all guardians this enemy is susceptible to shock damage. May also be easily frozen.


  • When absorbing the soul of a fallen ally Wraith becomes possessed. Possessed Wraith gains armor and the ability to recharge its shield at will.


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