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Worms are arthropods native creatures to Pandora that can be encountered in some locations of Borderlands and its DLCs, and make a reappearance Borderlands 2 in the Sir Hammerlock vs. the Son of Crawmerax DLC. Worms generally inhabit underground caverns and tunnel systems and are rarely seen on the surface.


Purple is the common color for Crab Worms. They spend much of their time underground, waiting to emerge when enticed by food. They also camp out for a few days in their burrows during molting and should not be disturbed during this process. They are extremely territorial and will attack anything that gets close to their home. Males often fight amongst themselves for burrow possession. An adult may measure up to 20 feet long, but on occasion some have been seen to measure over 50 feet. The Crab Worm’s carapace becomes harder as it matures into an adult. Their claws are strong and powerful, able to cut a man in half. They use their legs and claws to navigate through the ground, usually scavenging for food.

There was a short time where the carapace of Crab Worms was believed to be a powerful aphrodisiac. The carapace was usually ground up and drank as part of a tea, although other forms of consumption exist. Adult Crab Worm carapaces were so hard that they would often damage the equipment being used to grind them into a fine powder, so the industry preferred using young Crab Worms for the process. To avoid damaging the precious carapace, the young Crab Worms would be clubbed or stabbed through the eye before their corpses were exported. The fact that there was little to no protest over the cruel treatment of these creatures is probably due to Pandora being on the edge of established space and Crab Worms being too hideous for most people to gain any emotional attachment.

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Worm Types

Crab Worms

They are lobster-like creatures that have two large (larva) or four (adult specimen) pincers at the front, and a bright purple eye in the center of their head. They are very distinctive due to their bright coloration.


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Craw Worms

Craw Worms do not have claws as with Crab Worms but they have slender body and large tentacles and mandibles around their jaw. They have brownish-grey coloration.

Worm Bosses

Worm bosses are adult specimens and give an idea of how much these creatures can grow.

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