World Burn is an effervescent rocket launcher manufactured by Torgue. World Burn is a rare drop from Lt. Bolson in Dahl Abandon.

Special Weapon Effects

War does not compute. – Always incendiary. Rockets fly in an arc and explode in a mushroom cloud. Increased damage and magazine size. Reduced reload speed.

Usage & Description

The World Burn is an extremely powerful rocket launcher that fires rockets in a heavy arc, dealing massive damage in a large blast radius upon impact. Its sheer damage can put most enemies down with one or two shots, making it extremely useful for getting out of Fight For Your Life. However, the World Burn can also inflict its colossal damage onto its user if fired too close, so care needs to be taken during combat.

The arc of its projectiles limits its range, therefore it is most useful in areas with large amounts of cover for the user to hide behind to help avoid damaging themselves. The arc can also be used to hit enemies that are behind cover and would otherwise be difficult to hit.


  • The World Burn is adapted from the Nukem, sharing the same material and special effect. However, the World Burn is incendiary where the Nukem is explosive, uses one ammo per shot as opposed to two, and has a larger magazine and higher base damage than the Nukem.
  • The World Burn can spawn with various accessories, but will not have a prefix.
  • Having the rocket velocity attachment on a World Burn significantly increases its effective range. However, the increased projectile speed also means that the arc is less pronounced, making hitting enemies over walls and obstructions much more difficult.
  • The use of Maya's Accelerate or Zer0's Vel0city is highly recommended for anything beyond short range encounters, as the skills make longer range use of the World Burn significantly easier. This can also be complemented by the projectile speed accessory, further increasing the weapon's range.
  • Lt. Bolson has a 20% chance to drop World Burn.


  • The flavour text is a quote from Loader Bot in Zer0 Sum.
  • The World Burn is one of only two Torgue-manufactured weapons in Borderlands 2 that do not use the explosive element, the other being the shock element Peak Opener assault rifle.

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