"Hey. Feel like solvin' a murder? I'm the Marshall around these parts. One of these Gutter quadruplets pulled the trigger on that boy over there. Consider yourself deputized - ask around at Moxxi and Zed's, figure out which one of these identical scum-stains pulled the trigger. Otherwise I'll just have to hang 'em all, and I don't got that kinda time."


After your return to the flying Sanctuary, a group of people are found standing around the body of Justin Macready. Marshall Friedman speaks, explaining that one of the Gutter quadruplets in front of him killed the dead man. Friedman needs the assistance of an interrogator to determine guilt. Talking to Marshall Friedman , Moxxi, and Zed will reveal information which can be used to deduce which of the four suspects committed the crime.

It is always the one with the sniper rifle, though sometimes the one with the rocket launcher may run if one of the other two is killed.


"Thanks again."


  • If the wrong culprit is selected, the real killer will speak up. The delay during which he escapes allows players to select another culprit for the correct answer.
  • The mission will complete regardless of which accused is selected as the culprit.
  • Although from Moxxi's and Zed's speech, it is clearly pointing to the guy with a shield equiped have rushed to their place for help; and common sense will tell that a bullet from sniper rifle would blow the whole neck off rather then causing the victim bleeding to death, which was told by the Marshall Freeman.


  • The mission's name is a reference to the song "Won't Get Fooled Again" by The Who, which is used in the opening theme of CSI: MIami. When the player accuses the right culprit, the marshal will walk up to and execute him. He then makes a pun about how the culprit's belief that he could have gotten away with the murder "...was a long shot." Horatio from CSI: Miami is known to make similar puns right before the opening theme plays.
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