Pre mission chatter

Hark Gutter: Get outta my face, pig.

Marshall Friedman: Can it, boy.

Hark Gutter: You got nothin' on us. Wastin' yer time.

Ennis Gutter: Hey. 'Tween you and me? It was Hark. Dude's shady as hell.

Ennis Gutter: Look -- we both know it's Shin. Just pop him so I can get back to my weldin'.

Barlo Gutter: Go to hell!

Marshall Friedman: You gonna make me get the pepper spray? Shut up.

Barlo Gutter: Alright, I confess -- that you're a jackass!

Shin Gutter: That MacReady boy deserved it, y'know.

Marshall Friedman: Don't make me come over there, Gutter.

Shin Gutter: Stare all you want -- we ain't gonna break.

Marshall Friedman: That's enough outta you, Gutter.

Marshall Friedman: Hey, if you're not doin' nothin', could use some help with this.

Accepting the mission

Marshall Friedman: Hey. Feel like solvin' a murder? I'm the Marshall around these parts. One of these Gutter quadruplets pulled the trigger on that boy over there. Consider yourself deputized -- ask around at Moxxi and Zed's, figure out which one of these identical scum-stains pulled the trigger. Otherwise I'll just have to hang 'em all, and I don't got that kinda time.

Interview Marshall Friedman

Marshall Friedman: I heard a gunshot a couple hours back. Naturally, I ignored it, until somebody came and got me. Uh, I found this boy bleedin' onto the concrete, a single bullet in his throat. And I saw one of these Gutter boys runnin' away. That's all I know, right now, more's the pity.

Interview Moxxi

Moxxi: A Gutter brother? Oh, yeah -- one of them barged in here a couple hours ago, demanding safe haven. I told him I couldn't make any promises, and he got bitchy. I had to pull out Rubi and put a few rounds in him -- his shield ate the first two, but boy, did he feel the last one. Nobody threatens me in my joint.

Interview Dr. Zed

Dr. Zed: Sure, I pulled a round outta one of them Gutter boys. I healed him up as good as new, but, the little skunk overpaid me -- six thou-- five thousand bucks. You don't need to confiscate that or anything, do ya?

Accusing the suspect

Wrong Suspect

Barlo Gutter: Pahahaha! WRONG! Seeya, idiots!

(Barlo Gutter runs away.)

Correct Suspect

Marshall Friedman: Alright, if you say so.

Barlo Gutter: Yeah, I did it! I ain't sorry! Why don't you try and--

(Marshall Friedman pulls his gun and shoots Barlo Gutter.)

Marshall Friedman: Good job, deputy. Barlo thought he could snipe an innocent man and get away with it. But that...

Marshall Friedman: ...was a long shot.

End of mission

Marshall Friedman: Thanks again.

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