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Wolf and Saint is Wilhelm's action skill. Activation of this skill will deploy Wolf, a floating red combat drone, and Saint, a white support drone. The robots can be recalled, and both of them can receive various upgrades from skills.


When activated, both Wolf and Saint will be active for 35 seconds. After activation, the remaining time will be represented by a bar in the lower bottom of the screen, with Wolf's health and shields beneath the bar. Wolf and Saint can be recalled by simply holding down the skill key, regardless of the two robots' current positions.

Wolf resembles a repair surveyor with a shield (that can both be depleted and slowly recharge) and health, and can attack enemies by circling around and shooting shock bolts at them. Its small profile and flying nature makes it a target difficult to hit, especially by enemies who only have slow, short-ranged attacks. However, strong or large numbers of enemies with firearms will still quickly wear down Wolf's shield, and destroy it.

Saint will not attack, and remains close to Wilhelm to recharge his health at 2.5% per second. However, its mere presence is enough to draw some attack from nearby enemies. Saint is equipped with a reflective shield and cannot be destroyed.


  • Specializing in the Hunter-Killer or Dreadnought skill trees will add various upgrades to Wolf and Saint. The Cyber Commando skill tree offers minimal benefit to the pair.
  • Wolf and Saint will report nearby combat status, such as attacking, killing an enemy, or retreating.
  • Sometimes, two Saints can appear but the second Saint does nothing.
  • If Wilhelm goes into Fight For Your Life/Termination Protocols, Wolf and Saint remain active if they were activated before he was crippled.