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Wizards are a particular kind of wizard enemy in Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep.


Wizards appear among the enemy waves in the arena of Murderlin's Temple. They can also appear when a sacrifice is made to the altar on Dragon Keep which may rarely lead to a Badass Wizard.



Wizards have a variety of spells at their disposal and can be formidable opponents, even though they typically act alone.

When a Wizard is far from a target that he wishes to approach, he may cast a teleportation spell that has distinctive appearance of a black orb surrounded by a white nimbus of light. The target may witness a similar orb rising from the floor appearing nearby only moments later, and it from this that the Wizard unveils his surprise attack. Such attacks are by way of a withering bolt of white magical energy that can quickly ravage a shield.

Defensively, a Wizard is both mobile and heavily protected. He can cast a levitation spell to move quickly through the air to a new attacking position, or away to escape harm and recharge. Casting a shielding spell, he is well protected by an otherwise conventional shield while he continues his assault.

High damage, close-range weapons are generally useful against Wizards due to a Wizard's usually close proximity. Incendiary attacks may be worthwhile against their flesh, but are best suited to backup attacks for use after a the Wizard's shield is depleted. Other elements will be more effective until that point.


  • In True Vault Hunter Mode they are renamed Arcane Wizard, and in Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode they are renamed Astral Wizard.
  • Killing a wizard contributes to the Magical Massacre challenge in the challenge list.
  • Wizards have a chance to drop the blue Magic Missile. Badass Wizards also have a chance to drop the purple Magic Missile.