With Claws is the last of Gaige's Ordered Chaos skills. With it, she gains a powerful, Anarchy-fuelled melee attack that steals health.


With this skill, each stack of Anarchy adds 0.6% to Gaige's melee damage, up to a maximum of +90%, or +240% with five ranks of Preshrunk Cyberpunk. With the Slayer of Terramorphous class mod, this goes even further, up to a maximum of +360% Melee Damage.

While the number of attacks is doubled, the duration of the animation is also substantially longer; the net result is an approximate 33% increase in melee speed.

Additionally, each melee attack used with Anarchy siphons off some of the victim's health and gives it to Gaige; the lower her health at the time of the attack, the more health she steals with her attacks. At minimum health she can recover up to 30% of her health per strike, while at 90% health she will recover 5%.

Unlike most Melee Override Skills, Gaige's does not have a cooldown timer. Instead, each attack subtracts one stack of her Anarchy, whether the attack makes contact with an enemy or not.


  • This skill activates when bladed weapons are used but only overrides the animation. The melee attack still receives the bonus melee damage from blades, roid shields, etc.
  • Taking this skill adds a red demonic skull with two spikes over Deathtrap's original head; and glowing red lights all over its body.
  • Gaige can use this skill to heal from hitting breakable objects, including pots and refuse piles.
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