Witch's Brew is an optional mission in Borderlands 3 given by Murl.


"These swamp folks got secrets in spades it seems. Help Murl figure out what the bog witch has been up to."



  • Meet Azalea
  • Follow Pippie
  • Gather green swamp blooms: 0/3
  • Gather red swamp blooms: 0/3
  • Return to Azalea
  • Deposit green blooms
  • Kill mutated tink
  • Speak to Murl
  • Deposit red blooms
  • Take the Black Flame
  • Equip Black Flame
  • Destroy Azalea's vat
  • Destroy Azalea's vats: 0/4
  • Kill Azalea
  • Return to Murl



"Now I infused that boom-brew into this grenade mod. Hope you like it! You sure showed that bitch what-for! I mean "witch". Wait, what did I say? Aw hell, who cares. SHE DEAD! Hahahaha!"

Turn In: Murl


  • Mission items:
    • Green Bloom
    • Red Bloom
    • Black Flame
  • As a result of this mission Pippie finds home aboard Sanctuary III.

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