Wiping the Slate is an optional mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.



  • Find first ECHO
  • Listen to ECHO
  • Destroy ECHO
  • Find second ECHO
  • Listen to second ECHO
  • Destroy ECHO
  • Find third ECHO
  • Listen to third ECHO
  • Collect third ECHO
  • Give ECHO to DJ Rang
  • Go to Meriff statue
  • Blow off its head
  • Take head
  • Head to rocket
  • Attach head to rocket
  • Fire rocket


The first stage of the mission takes place in The Meriff's Office where three ECHOs are to be recovered. The first is in a fish tank, and the button to reveal a ladder and access hatch can be found on the side of a map table. The second is in a secret compartment in the study, and this is uncovered by interacting with a book and a subsequent button for the door release. The third ECHO is near the entrance behind a curtain in a slot machine.

Once the ECHOs have been played, the remaining objectives are a simple sequence of item collection and interaction tasks in Concordia.


No harder than killing a man, was it?"

Turn In: Bounty Board


  • Mission item: Meriff Statue's Head - "The Meriff's a-head in the polls!"

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