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Winners and Losers is a story mission in the Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot a downloadable content (DLC) add-on for Borderlands 3.


"Look at you, making new friends! Ember, pyro-artiste with a heart of... fire. But if Ember's gonna help out with the heist, she'll need her tools. Thing is, her ship is on lockdown. Head to the shipyard and see what you can do."



  • Use information kiosk
  • Take a ticket
  • Go to the impound lot
  • Talk to client services
  • Talk to data requisition
  • Ring bell
  • Take form 34-B v2.4
  • Go to customer care
  • Talk to client services
  • Ring bell
  • Talk to data requisition
    • Attack Bureaucracy Bot (optional)
  • Get form 34-B v2.6
  • Go to customer care
  • Insert form
  • Take a number
  • Wait for number to be called
  • Get new number
  • Kill customer 1345
  • Get a ticket
  • Insert ticket
  • Pay fee
  • Enter impound lot
  • Find La Femme Brûlée
  • Clear area
  • Approach Freddie
  • Talk to Freddie
  • Find Freddie's friend
  • Kill Larboard bruisers
  • Free Freddie's friend
  • Return to Freddie
  • Get Ember's tools



  • Mission items:
    • La Femme Brûlée Claim Ticket
    • Form 34-B v2.4
    • Form 34-B v2.6
    • Number: 9957
    • Claim Number
    • Ember's Tools

Video Walkthrough