Wings are flying avian creatures indigenous to Pandora. They primarily eat small mammals and amphibians, and avoid human contact. However, they are highly sought after to be kept as exotic pets by animal trainers. Wings kept in captivity rarely ever take to humans and often kill their owners.

There are currently four recognized breeds: northern common wing, yellow crested wing, red tailed wing, and trash feeder.


  • Both Bloodwing and Talon are wings.
  • Only trash feeders and Bloodwing are seen in-game (Talon only heard through ECHO in Borderlands 2), while the three other types were shown in the Borderlands Signature Series Strategy Guide.
  • All wings hatch as males but undergo a natural transition to female halfway through their lives.
  • Corpse Eaters are the zombie version of wings.


  • Hunters aside from Mordecai have used wings for falconry, but this is rare.
  • In the strategy guide, a blue wing is shown under the name yellow crested wing, and a yellow wing is shown under the name northern common wing. These should be reversed.
  • It is currently unknown if Bloodwing and Talon are trash feeders or another breed of wings. Even Mordecai will admit he "never knew what species she was" if idle on his mission turn-in screen in Borderlands 2.

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