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Winds of the Highlands is a challenge in Borderlands 2, in the Highlands region. 8 windsocks in various locations around the map must be discovered and touched to complete the challenge. This challenge is worth 1 Badass Rank.

Windsock Locations[]

  • Near the large Hyperion base in the east. The windsock is on the rocks to the left of the main gate on the approach to the base, and can either be accessed directly by scaling the rocks there, or by passing through the base and looping back on the higher level.
  • On top of the rock outcrop near the entrance to the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve. It can be reached by going up the north side with a vehicle.
  • On the hill above the southern exit to The Highlands - Outwash.
  • Behind the Catch-A-Ride in Overlook.
  • Behind the Catch-A-Ride next to the exit to The Dust.
  • North of the northern exit to The Highlands - Outwash, next to a shack by Old Cranky's Pond.
  • On a ledge on the south side on the canyon on the north-east side of the map, reached by dropping down from the Hyperion base above.
  • Besides a tower to the Northwest of the Opportunity exit.