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Wildlife Exploitation Preserve is an area featured in Borderlands 2. It is a Hyperion facility used to test the effect of Eridium on various creatures native to Pandora and humans.



Common Enemies

Notable Enemies

Points of Interest

Bloodwing's Enclosure

Bloodwing's Enclosure

Bloodwing's Enclosure is a largely empty aviary at the back of the Specimen Maintenance block.

Casa de Mordecai

Mordecai's watchpost is in a cave high in a rocky spire. While posted here, he has a commanding view of the initial approach to the Hyperion installation and the dockyard. The chalk map that he has drawn on the rock wall is an accurate representation of the Hyperion facility's layout, though the boss fight arena/observation area is marked as "unknown", foreshadowing the coming plot twist. From his vantage point, Mordecai will also be able to assist with the later fight in the Observation Wing, ensuring that some of the inhabitants of these areas will be slagged during fights.

Observation Wing

The Observation Wing forms an arena where Bloodwing is fought. An elevator platform in the middle of the area raises specimens from below, and cages in one corner are suitable for holding skags. There are also various ammunition crates scattered around the periphery of the area.

Preserve Dockyard

This open loading dock has a crane and various crates dotting the concrete surfaces. Loaders and Hyperion personnel patrol here in small numbers, but more emerge from doors opening out onto the area when approached.

Specimen Maintenance

Specimen Maintenance

The Specimen Maintenance block is a collection of holding cells and administration offices. The cell doors are energy shields. A room with the second of four slag experiment notes has four boxes in it, which commonly contain miniature loot loaders. A red Hyperion weapons chest rests against the opposite wall.



  • When in the field outside the entrance to the Specimen Maintenance area, if the Super Badass Loader is defeated before any loaders arrive by moonshot, a LWT Loader will be amnog the late reinforcements.
  • During the mission Doctor's Orders, three of the four boxes in Specimen Maintenance have a guaranteed chance to spawn loot midgets.
    • During the mission Animal Rights, there are slightly less enemies (particularly stalkers) in the areas preceding Specimen Maintenance.
    • Achieving the challenge JEEEEENKINSSSSSS!!! is viable by farming these boxes.
      • Using the Creature Slaughter DLC further reduces the time taken to farm the boxes, as well as Son of Mothrakk, by having a closer character spawn point.
    • Even after Doctor's Orders has been completed, after opening the boxes, it is possible that, upon entering the Typhoon Stalker area, a Mini JET Loader will appear. This Loader does not seem to jump out of a box, although at least one must be opened in order for the Loader to appear.
  • There is an Easter egg in this area, colloquially referred to as the Giant Teddy Bear.
  • Maya's ECHO Recorders can be found scattered throughout the area.