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[[Category:Konrad's Hold missions]] Wildlife Conservation is an optional mission in Borderlands 3 which can be picked up either from Brick in the Boomtown or from a dead corpse in the Konrad's Hold only after completion of Life of the Party.


"Talon is missing! You've gotta find her while Brick keeps Mordecai distracted."
"Brick noticed Talon wasn't in her usual spot, and he wants you to find her before Mordecai notices and freaks out. Don't worry, he'll keep Mordecai busy with very important work in the meantime."



  • Follow blood trail
  • Collect explosives (5)
  • Load explosives into cart
  • Launch minecart
  • Look for Talon
  • Follow Talon
  • Kill varkids
  • Follow Talon
  • Go to Devil's Razor
  • Speak to Brick
  • Follow Brick
  • Speak to Mordecai



"Looks like Brick had us both runnin' all over the place today, huh? But it's all good, cause the baby will have some food when he finally hatches. Thanks for looking after my girl. Heh, heh. I think Talon says thanks, too."

Turn In: Mordecai


  • Mission item: Explosive


  • This quest pays homage to several missions in previous Borderlands games:
    • The mission's title is a reference to the Wildlife Preservation story mission in Borderlands 2.
    • Mordecai's fetch quests are a reference to several side missions in the original Borderlands. The shock crystals are based off crystal harvest quests (specifically Shock Crystal Harvest), the gun parts are based off the many Scavenger side missions in the game, and the boxes of cigars are based off Product Recall.

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