The Wildcat is a Legendary Submachine Gun manufactured by Dahl.

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Special Weapon Effects

The ultimate close quarters feline. – extended magazine, lower accuracy.

Usage & Description

The Wildcat has an extended magazine in exchange for very poor accuracy. Even if it spawns with a scope or a high quality barrel, it is unrealistic to expect precise shots with this weapon. This tradeoff is worth very little as the Wildcat provides no extra damage or firerate to offset it's woeful accuracy, making any common SMG just as good in close ranges and much better anywhere else. It features high elemental effect (when present), yet nothing that can't be surpassed by a more common Maliwan SMG. One of the only redeeming features of the Wildcat is a lower max spread when hip firing; however, due to its wide spread by default, this too is negligible.


The Wildcat gets its effect from the mag4_Dahl_Wildcat magazine. Its common counterpart, the mag4 magazine, only increases magazine capacity at the cost of reload time. For an explanation on how to interpret the information on the following table, please see the stat modifiers page.

mag4_Dahl_Wildcat mag4
Clip Size: +42
Reload Speed: +65%
Spread: +1 (Pre Add)
Spread: +200%
Accuracy Maximum: -50%
Tech Level: +4
Clip Size: +27
Reload Speed: +60%
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