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Widowmaker is a Spiderant boss that is encountered during the mission A Bug Problem. This enemy is very distinctive due to her dark blue/purple and green colouration. Widowmaker first spawns after a Retching Seeps sample is removed from a deposit in Rust Commons East, and will keep on respawning after the mission is completed whenever someone passes through her spawn point.


Widowmaker got her name because she has killed every would-be exterminator that ever attempted to kill her. (From the official Borderlands guide)


Widowmaker can be found somewhat in the middle of Rust Commons East. She spawns near the base of a bridge, located on the right side of the map near a Catch-a-Ride.


  • Long ranged attack - Widowmaker will fire balls of white liquid from her abdomen.
  • Close range stomp - She will stomp with both front legs at enemies in close proximity, creating a shockwave that causes damage and knockback.
  • Burrowing - Widowmaker has the ability to burrow in combat, a trait unique to herself among other spiderants.
  • Corrosive Stomp - Widowmaker will perform its close range stomp with the addition of a corrosive burst wave.


Like all spiderants, Widowmaker has a weak abdomen. The easiest way to attack this area is to flank her in order to hit her abdomen.

As with all spiderants, shooting her armored head causes her to flinch. This stops movement and causes the spiderant to clumsily turn and expose her abdomen for a few seconds before she recovers.

Unlike other spiderants, Widowmaker will not strike with her front legs. Dodging her shock wave while moving forward is key. Staying behind an obstacle in order to block her projectiles is a good strategy. Another is to attack from the safety of the nearby shack.

Attempting to run over Widowmaker, while possible, may lead to the destruction of the Outrunner with all the Vault Hunters inside; at lower levels, Widowmaker is too strong to be killed by simply running her over.


  • Before Widowmaker spawns, the ground shudders and kicks up a dust cloud.
  • Widowmaker is invulnerable to pure corrosive DOT, such as that from a Rain Grenade or Eridian Weapons
  • It is possible for Widowmaker to fail to spawn after taking the geyser sample. When the ground shakes due to her burrowing, it is possible for her to end up underneath one of the geysers when she would normally emerge from the ground. This prevents her from appearing.
  • Standing directly on top of where the Widowmaker emerges from the ground will cause the Vault Hunter to repeatedly jump.
  • Widowmaker has a chance to drop Elemental Artifacts upon death.