Wide Load is a Tier Two talent in Brick's Blaster tree increasing the magazine size of all rocket launchers that Brick carries.

Skill Progression

Magazine Size Increase +1 +2 +3 +4 +5

Additional levels may be acquired through the use of a Bombardier class mod.

Magazine Size Increase +6 +7 +8 +9


Any launcher with a magazine size of 1 and an elevated rate of fire, such as comes with the RWL or SPC body or Vladof material 3 ("/V3"), can only take advantage of its rate of fire via ranks in Wide Load. Even a single point in Wide Load is game-changing.

If a character build is short on skill points, and one does not wish to allocate the full five points into Wide Load, it pays to consider the particular rocket launcher used most commonly. For example, a three-shot Burst Launcher will benefit from having just +3 to magazine size (magazine total of 6 ammo, or 2 full bursts) while five-shot Spread Launchers can be improved with +5 (magazine total of 10 ammo, or 2 full bursts). Adding an additional partial burst is a somewhat inefficient expenditure of skill points, as launcher will delay fire between bursts while not getting the full effect of a full burst afterward.

The Torgue Redemption is a special case; one should spec their Wide Load skill and class mod such that the Redemption magazine totals up to a <multiple of four>+1 (five, nine or thirteen). The one remaining ammo at the end of each magazine will still fire as a full-strength Redemption rocket, while costing only one unit of launcher ammo.

When using a Bombardier class mod, take into consideration the skill bonus to Wide Load in conjunction with the strategies above, to further save on skill points while still hitting the optimal "sweet spot" in launcher magazine size.

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