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Herbert: Looks like when you shot the lock, you blasted the final compass piece into bits. Okay. This is bad. Uhmm — no, wait! Ah! I can make a replacement! Just need parts! Just get to the Washburne Refinery. Go, go.Go!

(Vault Hunter enters the Washburne Refinery.)

Herbert: I can rebuild the last part of the compass, but I'll need some samples of poly-kryten. Once you get those, I can rebuild the key, and give it to Scarlett, and it’ll help her find where the treasure is buried, and she’ll marry me and we’ll have a hundred babies and I’ll never die. It’ll be perfect!

(Vault Hunter collects the first poly-kryten.)

Herbert: Yes — just a few more bits of poly-kryten. I’ve studied the Lost Treasure of the Sands for months now; I’ll rebuild the compass. For her.

(Vault Hunter collects the second poly-kryten.)

Herbert: You know, I bet Scarlett’s gettin’ lonely. Yep  — I’m pretty sure she regrets kicking me out to the Rustyard.

(Vault Hunter collects the third poly-kryten.)

Herbert: You’ve almost got enough poly-kryten. Once I give you the last piece of the compass, you’ll need to combine all four pieces and take them to the Magnys Lighthouse. That is where you will find the burial place of the Lost Treasure of the Sands.

(Vault Hunter collects the last  poly-kryten.)

Herbert: Great great great, that’s enough! Come back and I’ll forge the replacement compass piece for you!

(Vault Hunter returns to Herbert.)

Herbert: You’ve got the poly-kryten? Gimme!

(Vault Hunter gives the poly-kryten to Herbert.)

Herbert: And this goes there… and tighten that… cut that down just a hair… aha! Here you go! The last piece of the compass!

(Vault Hunter takes the compass piece.)

Herbert: Now give that to Scarlett, along with the tapes. And she’ll love me again. And if she doesn’t, I’ll follow her, and I’ll smell her, and I’ll just MAKE her love me! Ahahahahaha!

Captain Scarlett: You got the compass piece? Great. Now, give Herbert that little gift I gave you, and come on back.

(Vault Hunter gives the gift to Herbert.)

Herbert: A gift? From SCARLETT?! I knew it! I KNEW she cared! AHAHA!

(The gift blows up killing Herbert.)

Captain Scarlett: Oh sorry about that, Herbert. Oh — I forgot to mention you were carrying a rather large BOMB around with you, didn’t I? Many apologies. Now just bring the last compass piece, so we can find out where the treasure’s buried!

(Vault Hunter turns in the mission.)

Captain Scarlett: Herbert. Ughgghghghghuh.