Whitting's Elephant Gun is a unique sniper rifle manufactured by Jakobs.

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Special Weapon Effects

Why don't you go shoot yourself an elephant? – Can never spawn with a sight attachment. High damage and accuracy.

Usage & Description

The Elephant Gun always spawns with either 98.3 or 98.5 accuracy. Its high damage and accuracy make it effective at mid-range encounters, though the lack of a true scope makes it difficult to use at long range. Being a guaranteed reward for completing Big Game Hunter, it is an excellent alternative for players who find they lack firepower but are unwilling to invest the time into farming weapons.

Drop Guide

  • Mission reward from Big Game Hunter.
  • Can very rarely drop from Skagzilla after the mission has been turned in.

Notes & Trivia

  • Like the Rider, Whitting's Elephant Gun never has a scope.
  • The Elephant Gun may have originally been created for Shep Sanders, as evidenced by the weapon's distinguishing part, ShepsElephantGun_sight_none.
  • The red text is a reference to the Bugs Bunny cartoon "Rabbit Fire." [1]
  • The Elephant Gun is the most powerful, non-critical, single projectile weapon in the game, with its maximum damage being 2003. However, the Jakobs Bessie can double this damage with a critical hit.


Whitting's Elephant Gun has the unique part ShepsElephantGun_sight_none as its scope (or lack thereof, rather), providing greatly increased Damage, increased Fire Rate and increased Knockback (on the order of that provided by Material_Jakobs_3). Its unique material ShepsElephantGun_Material is otherwise equivalent to Material_Jakobs_2. Note that this weapon always spawns with barrel3, mag4 and stock2, all of which are average quality parts. However, the body may vary, and it may have a non-elemental accessory such as Heavy or Rolling. Please see stat modifiers for an explanation on how to interpret all of these modifiers.

Damage: +100%
Fire Rate: +35%
Knockback: +400%

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