Whispering Ice is a unique grenade mod in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Vladof. Whispering Ice is obtained from the mission Lair of the Harpy located in Floodmoor Basin, on Eden-6.

Special Weapon Effects

You've raised my frosty dander! – Always cryo. Lays down several mines which burst into large icicles when an enemy comes close, or after a set amount of time.

Usage & Description

The Whispering Ice makes for an effective trap-setting grenade. Each mine is spread out in a predictable manner, allowing for controlled use such as setting up traps in corridors.

Zane can make excellent use of the Whispering Ice. Due to many of his cryo-focused skills, this grenade can set up even more opportunities to proc cryo skills. With the use of Duct Tape Mod, every shot grants Zane a chance to fire the grenade, which can deal large amounts of damage since they trigger on contact.



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