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Whiskey Wesley is encountered in Generally Hospital zone only while the mission The Pack is active.


Whiskey Wesley is one of four test subjects whom Dr. Ned was testing an anti-zombie antidote on. The antidote was based on skags and apparently did not work as planned. He is blue in color.




He has the usual boss attacks, slam, knockback, melee. He has a fair amount of health. He has the regeneration and berserk ability of all other Wereskags. His weakness is his open mouth when he roars. He will drop an Artifact when killed. Incendiary weapons are also extremely useful against him and the other Wereskags in this mission. And can sometimes summon corpse eaters in combat.


  • Roar.
  • ROAR.
  • Hic*


  • Whiskey Wesley is also the only Wereskag in the pack that holds an item while attacking you.
  • It is possible he could be a reference to Wesley Willis, and his song "Drink that whiskey"