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Wheelgun is the title of a group of common pistols in Borderlands 2 that only appears in blue rarity. They are manufactured by Jakobs, and use the Bandit, Dahl, Maliwan or Tediore barrels. Depending on the rarity, this title seems to be interchangeable with Revolver, which is valid for all the same barrels.

Usage & Description[]

Apart from rarity based stat increases, the Wheelgun only differs from its more common counterpart with the use of the blue rarity Jakobs skin.

Depending on the barrel used, the base stats of this weapon can vary as follows (not counting any accessories that might be attached):

  • Tediore barrel: No changes.
  • Maliwan barrel: Slight increase in accuracy.
  • Bandit barrel: Increased damage and decreased accuracy.
  • Dahl barrel: Increased accuracy, faster recoil recovery, and reduced recoil and damage.