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What Love Remains is the third story mission in the Psycho Krieg and the Fantastic Fustercluck downloadable content (DLC) add-on for Borderlands 3.


"You've got the mind-axe from the meatscape! Now you must venture into Krieg's most precious thoughts to grab a gauntlet. Tread carefully, here. You walk on hallowed ground."



  • Take orb
  • Place orb
  • Enter memory
  • Find her
  • Reach Maya
  • Pick up Maya's book
  • Hunt Locomöbius
    • Place Maya's book on stand
    • Destroy caboose
    • Clear area of enemies
    • Exit train yard
    • Activate rail pivot
    • Get explosive barrel
    • Place explosive barrel
    • Shoot fuel tank
  • Reach Locomöbius's lair
    • Enter portal
    • Activate platform
    • Navigate Wistwhile
    • Put Maya's book on ground
    • Defeat all Guardians
    • Pick up Maya's book
  • Destroy Locomöbius
    • Free Maya
  • Follow Maya
  • Enter Door
  • Pick up gauntlet
  • Return to The Psychoscape
  • Talk to Sane Krieg
  • Place gauntlet




  • Mission items:
    • Blue Orb - What's it gonna be this time?
    • Maya's Book - It radiates with energy.
    • Explosive Barrel - Caution" This thing go big boom.
    • Golden Gauntlet

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