What Hit The Fan is the last mission offered by Shep Sanders in the Arid Badlands.


"All of the wind turbines are functioning except for the one in Howling Defile. For some reason, the rakk always flock over that one, so the whole thing is covered in rakk droppings. The turbine blades won't even turn! I'm offering a cash reward to anyone who goes out and shoots all that crap off."


What Hit The Fan

What Hit The Fan

Video walkthrough


Shoot the rakk droppings off of the wind turbine in Howling Defile.
  • Droppings removed: 0/6


  1. Get a gun. Rocket Launchers with a high splash damage radius work well. An Outrunner's launcher is perfect to avoid ammunition depletion.
  2. Shoot any Rakk that attack.
  3. Shoot Rakk droppings.

A hibernating Rakk Hive here conceals a flight of Rakk that will attack when approached. It is possible to do this mission without exiting a vehicle, or agitating the Rakk, if the turbine is shot from far enough away.


"The Howling Defile wind turbine is spinning again, thanks to you. Here's your reward."


  • The name of this mission is a reference to the commonly used phrase, "When the shit hits the fan." [1]
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