What's Yours Is Mine is a challenge for 5 Badass points that takes place in Tundra Express.

You have to find and disarm 5 pink mines by approaching them very slowly and pulling a green lever located on side of the mines.

Crouching lessens the chances of prematurely detonating a mine as it is approached, allowing players to move more quickly and with less risk towards a mine than while standing up.

Using Decepti0n anywhere near the pink mine will cause it to go off.

Location of the mines:

  • South-west of the map, drop down from the path leading around the hill.
  • West edge of the map, a bit south from the building with the fast travel station in the cellar.
  • A bit to the north-east from the previous one, up on a cliff near train rail.
  • North edge of the map, close to the point where the train rail splits. The mine is near the automatic turret that kills you if you wander off.
  • South-east of the map, on the other side of the river. There is a burning barrel and a few crates not far from it.
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