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For the drifters of Borderlands, see Drifter.

Wetland Drifters resemble a spiderant with four long, spindly legs and two frontal pedipalps or mandibles. They are encountered exclusively in Hunter's Grotto.


Wetland drifters are considerably smaller and less dangerous overall than their desert counterparts. They tend to be solitary creatures, pulling themselves up out of marshy bogs when approached, and behave much like their desert cousins. They are hostile towards the savages that also populate the area and are easily pulled into conflict with them.

A rare type of wetland drifter is the two-legged drifter. These creatures somehow balance on two of their stilt-like legs and have two smaller vestigial appendages that aid them in their attacks. Two-legged drifters feature in the mission I Like My Monsters Rare.


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