The Wet Week is a unique sniper rifle manufactured by Dahl. It has a chance to drop from Swagman in Outlands Canyon or Stanton's Liver.

Special Weapon Effects

Slow as... – Heavily increased damage and slightly increased accuracy. Slow projectile speed.

Usage & Description

The Wet Week is an above-average sniper rifle when compared to sniper rifles of the same level, but the slow projectile speed makes it difficult to use without significantly leading the target. Even with this downside, in terms of raw damage, the Wet Week is an extremely powerful sniper rifle.


  • The Wet Week initially could not spawn legitimately. The January 25th 2016 hotfix added the Wet Week to the loot pool of the Swagman.
  • The Wet Week is similar to a weapon from Borderlands 2 known as the Sloth.
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