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Well There's Your Problem Right There is an optional mission in Borderlands that becomes available on Lucky's Bounty Board after Powering The Fast Travel Network is complete.


"What with all the gunfights going on around here, my fuel pipes have got more holes than Swiss cheese. I think the system is salvageable, I just need somebody to close a few valves for me. I'd do it myself, but I'm afraid there'd soon be holes in me, too!"



Well There's Your Problem Right There

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Close all Fuel Pipe Valves around the Lucky's Last Chance.
  • Valves closed: 0/3


After Lucky has been rescued, accept this mission and grab an Outrunner. The first valve is in the north-west part of Dahl Headlands, at a point inaccessible by vehicle. The second valve (not in order during the mission) is south of the first one, up the hill. It is located directly west of the base of the middle mountain/hill and a Catch-A-Ride is located here. This valve requires a jump from the adjacent rock to access, which can be reached from the top of the Catch-a-Ride. The revolver from Scavenger: Revolver is also at this site and is convenient to collect at this point in time. The last valve is south of the previous one, in a small bandit outpost near a makeshift bridge. The Skagzilla bait can be obtained from here for Big Game Hunter.

Return to Lucky's Bounty Board for the reward.


"Thanks, it looks like my fuel station is all set to open for business. Now I've just got to fill out some paperwork for Helena Pierce. She's pretty adamant about her damned fire safety codes."


It is possible to complete the mission by closing the same valve three times. (Close a valve, restart the game session, then close it again…)