This page contains a list of all common weapon Titles in Borderlands 2. Titles in Borderlands 2 are determined by the body and barrel manufacturers. Please see Title for a mechanical explanation of the term.

The Titles of Unique and Legendary weapons fall outside the scope of this document. Please see those articles for their list.

Each manufacturer has its own set of weapon titles for the weapons that it manufactures.


Body manufacturer Barrel
Heavy (Bandit)
Stable (Dahl)
Elemental (Maliwan)
Standard (Tediore)
Critical (Hyperion) Duel (Jakobs) Magnum (Torgue) Rapid-fire (Vladof)
Bandit Pistal Hed Shoter! Ass Beeter! Magamum! Ratatater!
Dahl Repeater Anaconda Peacemaker Magnum Negotiator
Hyperion Apparatus Vision Leverage Impact Synergy
Jakobs Revolver
Wheelgun (Blues)
Longarm Iron Widow Maker


(NOTE: Only obtainable through modding)

Maliwan Aegis Phobia Torment Animosity Umbrage
Tediore Handgun Aimshot Power Shot Biggun Quickshot
Torgue Hand Cannon Hole Puncher Rod Slapper Injector
Vladof TMP Assassin Fighter Troublemaker Anarchist

Submachine Guns

Body manufacturer Barrel
Heavy (Bandit)
Standard (Maliwan)
Light (Tediore)
Stable (Dahl) Accurate (Hyperion) Corrosive (Maliwan) Fire (Maliwan) Shock (Maliwan) Slag (Maliwan)
Bandit Smig Rokgun Acurate smgg Barfy Burny Shoky Slagy
Dahl SMG Fox Falcon Scorpion Beetle Eel SMG
Hyperion Projectile Convergence Presence Transmurdera Weisenheimer Backburner Storm Wellness
Maliwan SubMalevolent Grace Trance Gospel Venom Provacateur Vexation Revenant
Tediore Subcompact MG Special Ace Green Kindle Spark Chaff

Assault Rifles

Body manufacturer Barrel
Heavy (Bandit)
Rapid-fire (Vladof)
Stable (Dahl) Sniper (Jakobs) Explosive (Torgue) Spinigun (Vladof)
Bandit Mashine Gun Carbene Ass Beeter! Rokets! Minigun
Dahl Rifle Carbine Defender Grenadier Minigun
Jakobs Rifle Scarab Rifle Cannon Gatling Gun
Torgue Rifle Root Lance Torpedo Spitter
Vladof Rifle Renegade Guerilla Rocketeer Spinigun


Body manufacturer Number of barrels
1, Narrow (Hyperion) 1, Wide (Tediore) 2 (Jakobs) 3 (Bandit) 4 (Torgue)
Bandit Longer ragne kilier Skatergun Stret Sweper Room Clener Oberkil!
Hyperion Thinking Projectile Diversification Face Time Crowdsourcing Development
Jakobs Longrider Scattergun Coach Gun Bushwack Quad
Tediore Sportsman Home Security Double Barrels! Triple Barrels! Shotgun Supreme!
Torgue Stalker Bangstick Pounder Hulk Ravager

Sniper Rifles

Body manufacturer Barrel
Stable (Dahl)
Standard (Maliwan)
Light (Hyperion) Heavy (Jakobs) Rapid-fire (Vladof)
Dahl Sniper Strike Terror Scout
Hyperion Sniper Rifle Transaction Policy Competition
Jakobs Callipeen Chinook Muckamuck Diaub
Maliwan Snider Jericho Corinthian Rakehell
Vladof Pooshka Bratchny Horrorshow Droog

Rocket Launchers

Body manufacturer Barrel
Heavy (Bandit)
Standard (Tediore)
Accurate (Maliwan) Heavier (Torgue) Rapid-fire (Vladof)
Bandit Launcher Area efect Zooka! Bombabarbardeer
Maliwan Projectile Panorama Punishment Prowler
Tediore Launcher Spread Bazooka Dispatch
Torgue Boom Blaaa Duuurp! Deee!
Vladof RPG Glory Hero Vanquisher

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