This page contains a list of all common weapon titles in Borderlands, along with their effect, and the condition required to unlock them.

The titles of unique, legendary or even pearlescent weapons have no effect on the weapon.

(The Borderlands 2 version of this can be found here)

Combat Rifles


Title Requirement Effect
Rifle (Borderlands) N/A Basic title
Cobra High Accuracy Reduces Recoil
Pounder Pounder Magazine Single shot fire. Increase damage,
lowers fire rate and clip size
Stomper High Damage Greatly increases Damage, but lowers bullet velocity

Fully Automatics

Title Requirement Effect
Machine Gun N/A Basic title
Havoc High Fire Rate Increased Magazine Size
Mauler High Damage &
Fire Rate < 10
Even more damage!
Massacre High Accuracy Reduced Recoil


Repeater Pistols

Title Requirement Effect
Repeater N/A Basic title
Lacerator Lacerator Accessory +200% Melee Damage
Needler High Fire Rate Reduces Recoil, and increases Clip Size by 2
Swatter High Accuracy N/A
Raptor High Quality N/A

Machine Pistols

Title Requirement Effect
Machine Pistol N/A Basic title
Torment High Damage Even more damage, Increased Tech,
and increases Clip Size by 2
Fury Low Accuracy Spread is further (greatly) increased.
Increased Fire Rate and Clip Size
Rage Rage Accessory 5 Shot Burst Fire. Increased Fire Rate and Recoil


Title Requirement Effect
Revolver N/A Basic title
Razor Razor Accessory +200% Melee Damage
Masher Masher Accessory Multiple projectiles per round (x7). Increased Spread and Recoil. Reduced Damage
Justice High Accuracy & High Damage N/A
Law High Fire Rate N/A
Viper High Accuracy N/A

Rocket Launchers

Title Requirement Effect
Rocket Launcher N/A Basic title
Destructor High Damage Even more Damage
Harpoon 1 Shot & High Accuracy Increased Accuracy and Rocket velocity


Title Requirement Effect
Shotgun N/A Basic title

Combat Shotguns

Title Requirement Effect
Matador Low Accuracy +3 projectiles fired, increase Fire Rate
Scattergun Low Accuracy +2 projectiles fired
Shredder Shredder Barrel +2 projectiles fired
Carnage Carnage Barrel Shoots rockets

Assault Shotguns

Title Requirement Effect
Brute High Damage Even More Damage
Death High Accuracy Increased Stability, +15% Critical Hit Damage (not listed on weapon card)
Sweeper Very Low Accuracy +1 projectile fired

Sniper Rifles

Title Requirement Effect
Sniper N/A Basic title

Sniper Rifles (Bolt/Pump Action only)

Title Requirement Effect
Gamble Low Accuracy Even Lower Accuracy. Increased Critical Hit Damage, deeper Tech Pool
Hawkeye High Accuracy Increased Accuracy, better Zoom
Thunder Higher damage N/A

Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifles

Title Requirement Effect
Lance High Accuracy Increased Damage, Knockback
Thunder* High Damage N/A
Wrath Deep Tech Pool Increased Damage,
Deeper Tech Pool

*The "Thunder" Title is actually different then the Bolt Sniper Rifle's. In game code suggests the Title should have appeared as "Driver".

Sub-Machine Guns

Title Requirement Effect
SMG N/A Basic title
Anarchy Double Accessory & Low Spread Fires 4 projectiles for 2 ammo cost, and highly reduced accuracy
Bruiser High Damage Even More Damage!
Thumper Thumper Magazine Very high Damage, but very low Fire Rate. Small Magazine size
Stinger High Fire Rate Reduced Recoil


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