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Due to the fact that weapons are randomly generated by the names of the prefixes and quality, the stats aren't always accurate. This is a list of the suffixes used on weapons. In addition, while a weapon will usually get a descriptor that matches up with a part on the gun (for example, Spiked and the +150% melee damage handle attachment that goes with it), it is possible for a gun to get a descriptor and then another part that overrides the part associated with that descriptor.

The structure of a generated weapon is as such Weapon Name = [Manufacturer] [Manufacturer Tier] [Model] [Model Number] [Material Grade] [Prefix] [Title]; Manufacturer, Model, Prefix, and Title all affect stats of the weapon, Manufacturer Tier is the range of level requirement the weapon falls under, and Model Number affects the base appearance of the weapon. For example, the Jakobs Antique GGN9 XX Long Thunder, Jakobs is the manufacturer, Antique is the Tier, GGN is the Model, 9 is the Model Number, XX is the Material Grade, Long is Prefix, and Thunder is Title.

Body types[]

Most gun types have five specific body types available. They determine the gun's prefix, damage, rate of fire, and recoil. Testing has revealed the following:

  • Body Type 1 guns are more or less "middle of the road" performers. They don't excel anywhere, but they usually don't have any major weaknesses either.
  • Body Type 2 guns are second best at damage. However, they are also the second worst body type for rate of fire and recoil.
  • Body Type 3 guns are the worst at damage, but to compensate they have the second best fire rate and the lowest amounts of recoil.
  • Body Type 4 guns are tied for the best at damage, but are the worst in fire rate and recoil.
  • Body Type 5 guns are the best guns around - they are tied for highest damage with Body Type 4 and have the best fire rates and second best recoil. Understandably, these guns are also the rarest of the five common body types.
  • Body Type 6 guns are only found on Tediore weapons that have ammo regeneration.
    • Since Patch 1.3.0, all Tediore body6 for ammo regeneration have been changed to use existing body numbers for that weapon type. Therefore, there are no more body6 weapons after said patch.

Weapon Body Type
1 2 3 4 5 Tediore
Combat Rifles CR HVY3 TCH3 HLK3 AR3 GRD
Rocket Launchers RPG not used SPC not used RWL not used
Sniper Rifles GGN LB2 VRR DVL PPZ2 not used
Sub-Machine Guns TD KKA TEK RF HX SV

1Only for machine pistols.

2These sniper rifles are semi-automatic and magazine based.

3Also used by support machineguns.

Manufacturer Tiers[]

Each manufacturer often provides the same weapon in different base quality. When you start the game, you can only find or buy standard issue weapons. As your character progresses and gains additional levels, more powerful versions of those basic weapons will start to appear. Usually, the main differences between a given weapon from the same manufacturer but from two different tiers are the base damage and the level requirement.

You can see the manufacturer's tier by sorting your weapon by brand, either in your inventory or in the shop interface.

Manufacturers also do not have a tier listed on any weapon below level requirement 13.

Manufacturer Level
13-21 22-30 31-39 40-47 48+
Anshin (Items Only) Expert Select Impeccable Exemplar Immaculate
Atlas Champion Heroic Herculean Legendary Titan
Dahl Mercenary Soldier Freelancer Veteran Elite
Eridian 0001 0010 0100 0101 0111
Hyperion Valde Melior Ultra Magnus Optimus
Jakobs Classic Vintage Choice Antique Original
Maliwan Standard Sterling Prototype Paradigm Pure
Pangolin (Items Only) Leather Mail Buckler Shield Plate
S&S Revised Upgraded Enhanced Faultless Perfect
Tediore Value Special Super Limited Supreme
Torgue Power Force Excellent Awesome Ultimate
Vladof Peasants Peoples Workers Soldiers Patriots

Material/Manufacturer Prefixes[]

Main article: Material Grade

Examples of materials

Material grade naming varies by manufacturer. Values are taken straight from localization files; quotation marks enclose intentionally included (or excluded) space characters.

Material grades change the color and texture of guns. They scale the effect of the manufacturer on a weapon's stats. On a Maliwan gun, for example, a better grade improves the chance of elemental effects triggering. This is not always good: signature weaknesses of some brands also increase. Material has a strong effect on the weapon's rarity.

Manufacturer Material 1 Material 2 Material 3
Code Prefix Code Prefix Code Prefix
Atlas Puny White Pearl
Dahl Surplus " U" Urban "D" Desert
Hyperion Substandard ".W" Red ".G" Crimson
Jakobs Plywood " ZZ" " XX"
Maliwan Obsolete " B" Blue " C" Cobalt
S&S Old ".2" ".3"
Tediore Cheap "-A" "-B"
Torgue Weaksauce Iron Steel
Vladof Rusty "/V2" "/V3"

Elemental Prefixes[]

If a weapon has an elemental trait, then it can qualify for an elemental prefix:

Tier Incendiary Shock Corrosive Explosive Required
1 Flaming Shock Corrosive Exploding Tech = 1 1.3
2 Incendiary Static Caustic Blast Tech = 6 2.3
3 Burning Lightning Vitriolic Detonating Tech = 12 3.3
4 Combustion Fulgurating Pestilent Erupting Tech = 16 4.3

It should be noted that the prefix tiers do not always correspond to the element multiplier.

Weapon Specific Prefixes[]

Weapon Prefix are words that may affect the visuals and the stats. A gun can be without a prefix, this being the case generally in the more common weapons (specifically white rarities). Those that are found on two or less (like Double and Sighted) are put into their respective categories. A weapon will only display one prefix, even if two or more could apply - for instance, a Torgue Double Anarchy (SMG) may appear as a "Steel Anarchy" using the manufacturer material prefix, but the Double accessory is still there.

For more information on the mechanics of prefixes, see Prefix.

Note that this section only shows the general result of a gun's prefix. Actual effect may come from a part (e.g.: the "Carnage" effect does not actually come from the title, but the barrel).

Prefixes here are split into 2 major groups:

  • Specific: A prefix which represents a specific trait or effect
  • Quality: A general prefix that is given to a balanced weapon, which improves all stats.

Combat Rifles[]


type name effect
Specific Deathly Increased Damage, Reduced Recoil
Scoped Scope (without penalties to other stats)

Burst Combat Rifles[]

type name effect
Specific Intense Increased Accuracy, +50% Critical Hit Damage
Punishing Increased damage, adds knockback
Short Reduced Damage, Reduced Recoil, Increased Reload Speed
Quality Combat Overall standard stats
Battle Overall good stats
War Overall better stats
Genocide Overall best stats

Support Machine Guns[]

type name effect
Specific Frantic Increased rate of fire, increased reload speed
Glorious Increased recoil reduction, increased magazine capacity
Rowdy Higher damage, lower accuracy
Shattering +20% Damage, adds knockback
Support Increased Magazine, lower rate of fire, longer reload
Quality Light Overall standard stats
Support Overall good stats
Heavy Overall better stats
Max Overall best stats
Note that Support Machine Guns have two different prefixes both called "Support".



type name effect
Specific Double Fires 2 projectiles at the same time and consumes 2 ammo
Increases Ammo Capacity, decreases Damage and greatly increases Spread
Fanged +100% Melee Damage
Sighted Scope (without penalties to other stats)
Stabilized Reduces Recoil, Increases accuracy regeneration rate


type name effect
Specific Nasty Increased damage, knock-back and Tech
Quality Bad Overall good stats
Cruel Overall better stats
Wicked Overall best stats

Machine Pistols Guns[]

type name effect
Specific Cold High Damage, Decreased Bullet Velocity
Quality Mean Overall good stats
Vile Overall better stats
Grim Overall best stats


type name effect
Specific Bladed +100% Melee Damage
Bloody Increased Damage
Raw Increased Fire Rate, Lower Accuracy
Swift Increased Fire Rate, Decreased Recoil
Stabilized Increased stability
Quality Brutal Overall good stats
Primal Overall better stats
Savage Overall best stats

Rocket Launchers[]

type name effect
Specific Devastating Increased Damage
Evil Increased projectile speed
Helix 3 rockets fire in an spiral at once
Recoiless Increased accuracy
Spread Fires a 5 shot burst, horizontal pattern
Triple Fires a 3 shot burst
Quality Big Overall good stats
Massive Overall better stats
Colossal Overall best stats


All Types[]

type name effect
Specific Riot Increased RoF, Decreased Accuracy (does not appear in game)

Assault Shotguns[]

type name effect
Specific Angry Increased Reload Speed, Small Magazine Increase
Painful Increased Damage
Raging Increased Fire Rate
Spiked +100% Melee Damage (additive bonus). (Not listed on weapon card)
Also changes melee animation.
Quality Assault Overall standard stats
Grievous Overall good stats
Lethal Overall better stats
Fatal Overall best stats

Combat Shotguns[]

type name effect
Specific Frenzied Increased Fire Rate
Hunter's Slightly increased damage, but fires 7 pellets instead of 9. Typically has a tighter spread than other non-unique shotguns.
Jagged +150% Melee Damage. (Prefix never appears in game: Jagged shotguns always appear with the Terrible prefix, but they retain their increased Melee Damage)
Quality Terrible Overall standard stats (bugged: high priority - overrides other prefixes)
Battle Overall good stats (never appears in game: overridden by the Terrible prefix)
War Overall better stats (never appears in game: overridden by the Terrible prefix)
Genocide Overall best stats (never appears in game: overridden by the Terrible prefix)

Sniper Rifles[]

type name effect
Quality Hard Overall good stats
Solid Overall better stats
Fearsome Overall best stats

Bolt/Pump Action[]

type name effect
Specific Distant Reduced Recoil and Spread
Heavy Increased Damage and Recoil
Long Reduced Spread
Rolling Increased Reload Speed


type name effect
Specific Brisk Increased Fire Rate, Increased Reload Speed
Deep Increased Damage
Sober Reduced Spread, Increased Accuracy, Increased Tech
Vicious Greatly Increased Reload Speed, Increased Damage, Increased Tech
Liquid Increased Fire Rate, Increased Reload Speed, Increased Stability

Submachine Guns[]

type name effect
Specific Double Fires 2 projectiles at the same time and consumes 2 ammo
Relentless Increased Rate of Fire
Ruthless Reduced Recoil
Twisted Bullets fire in a spiral pattern. (Does not appear in game.)
Quality Patrol Overall standard stats
Hostile Overall good stats
Violent Overall better stats
Malevolent Overall best stats

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