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== Weapon Title ==
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Some weapons are part of a series and have a related special ability based on their name or title.  In addition, some of these gun series and their related flavor texts are unique to a particular manufacturer.  For example all, you will never find a Guardian combat rifle that isn't made by Tediore. To know what each flavor text means, go [[Special Weapon Effects|here]].
=== Combat Rifles ===
*Bastard - Flavor text: "TORGUE, Bastard Guns for Bastard People!"; Torgue only.
*Cobra - Burst fire (affect stats also?)
*Destroyer - Flavor text: "The destructor has come."; Hyperion only
*S&S Draco - Flavor text: "Dragon Fire!"; S&S only
*Glorious Havoc - Increased accuracy, increased clip size, increased damage; normally found on [[Atlas]] weapons.
*Guardian - Flavor text: "Hold your ground... Forever.")Tediore only
*Machine Gun - Magazine Size +?
*Mauler - Higher Damage?
*Ogre - Flavor text: "Ogre SMASH!"; Atlas only.
*Raven - Flavor text: "2 more bullets make all the difference."; Dahl only.
*Revolution - Flavor text: "Guns of the Revolution will never fall silent!"; Vladof only.
*Rifle - Balanced
*Stomper - Decreased clip size, increased damage, scoped, fires a 3-round burst.
=== Pistols ===
* Firehawk - Flavor text ("Bring the HEAT!") Maliwan only
*Fury - higher rate of fire
*Gemini - Flavor text ("Double Whammy.") S&S only
*Hornet - Flavor text ("Feel the Sting") Dahl only
*Invader - Flavor text ("12 bullets invade your skull") Hyperion only
*Machine Pistol - +20 Magazine Size
*Protector - Flavor text ("Ammo is no longer an issue") Tediore only
*Rage - 5 Shot Burst Fire
*Reaper - Flavor text ("Slice, Slice") Hyperion only
*Rebel - Flavor text ("Never stop shooting!") Vladof only
*Repeater - Balanced, closest to default stats
*Thanatos - Flavor text ("Big Tony Says "Hi"") S&S only
*Troll - Flavor text ("Pain Heals") Atlas only
*Vengeance - Flavor text ("Vengeance is yours") Vladof only
*Violator - Flavor text ("Your move, Creep.") Torgue only
=== Revolvers ===
*Anaconda - Flavor text ("Long and Strong") Dahl only
*Chimera - Flavor text ("A beast of many forms - Fire, Lightning, and Poison") Atlas only
*Defiler - Flavor text ("Give Sick") Maliwan only
*Equalizer - Flavor text ("Unending Firepower") Tediore only
*Justice - Increased Accuracy, Increased Damage
*Law - ?
*Masher - Multiple projectiles per round. (x7)
*Razor - +200% Melee Damage
* Revolver - Balanced
*Unforgiven - Flavor text ("It's a helluva thing...") Jakobs only
*Viper - ?
=== Rocket Launchers ===
*Mongol - Flavor text ("Beware the Horde!") Vladof only
*Nidhogg - Flavor text ("Death rains from above") Hyperion only
*Onslaught - Flavor text ("Artillery Strike!") Dahl only
*Rainmaker - Flavor text ("I feel a storm coming") S&S only
*Redemption - Flavor text ("Monster Kill!") Torgue only
*Rhino - Flavor text ("The Unstoppable Force") Maliwan only
*Rocket Launcher - Balanced
*Terror - Flavor text ("Mister Jakobs send his regards") Jakobs only
=== Shotguns ===
* Bulldog - Flavor text ("One Bad Dog!") Dahl only
*Butcher - Flavor text ("Ahhh... Fresh meat!") Hyperion only
*Carnage - Flavor text ("Holy crap! It shoots rockets!") Dahl only
*Crux - Flavor text ("Cross their heart, hope they die.") S&S only
*Defender - Flavor text ("I can do this all day...") Tediore only
*Fire - Flavor text ("Have a nice day!") Torgue only
*Hammer - Flavor text ("Drop the Hammer!") Vladof only
*Hydra - Flavor text ("Five heads of Death") Atlas only
*Matador - more damage and projectiles, slower rate of fire?
*Plague - Flavor text ("Bring out your Dead") Maliwan only
*Scattergun - +2 projectiles fired   
*Shotgun - Balanced
*Shredder - +2 projectiles fired
*Striker - Flavor text ("Sniper Rifles are for Chumps.") Jakobs only
*Sweeper - low accuracy, high spread?
=== Sniper Rifles ===
*Cobra - Flavor text ("I LIKE IT!") Torgue only
*Cyclops - Flavor text ("I have you in my eye, sir.") Atlas only
*Gamble - Lowered accuracy, 200% Critical Hit Damage (as opposed to 150%)
*Invader - Flavor text ("BAM BAM BAM BAM BAM") Hyperion only
*Nailer - Flavor text ("Thwack!") Dahl only
*Orion - Flavor text ("A hunter lives among the stars...") S&S only
*Penetrator - Flavor text ("Sniper killer, qu'est-ce que c'est?") Dahl only
*Skullsmasher - Flavor text ("Makes their brains hurt") Jakobs only
*Sniper - Balanced
*Surkov - Flavor text ("For the Motherland.") Vladof only
*Thunder - Lots of damage, smaller clip
*Volcano - Flavor text ("Pele demands a sacrifice!") Maliwan only
*Wrath - Always elemental and always x3
=== Sub-Machine Guns ===
* Anarchy - Doubles the number of Bullets per shot [Anarchy = 2, Double Anarchy = 4]
*Bitch - Flavor text ("Smack 'em") Hyperion only
*Bruiser - Higher damage
*Gasher - Flavor text ("Tear it up") Torgue only
*Hellfire - Flavor text ("We don't need no water...") Maliwan only
*Savior - Flavor text ("Hallelujah") Tediore only
*SMG - Balanced
*Stinger - Massive fire rate? (+33%, 12.5) Recoil reduction? (+3%) 
*Thumper - Higher Damage, Lower Fire Rate
*Wildcat - Flavor text ("The ultimate in close quarters feline.") Dahl only
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